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HashStaker Paycoin ('Immortal' version) Now Trading at Below $10 on GAW's Hash Market!

HashStaker Paycoin

The non-expiring, 'immortal' HashStakers are now trading at below $10 on Hash Market, GAW Miner's secondary marketplace.

'Immortal' HashStakers were Hashlet Primes before they were converted to HashStakers upon Paycoin's launch last December.

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Hashlet Primes were once trading at around $63 on Hash Market back in December 2014.

Now, only 2 months later in February 2015, ex-Hashlet Primes converted to HashStakers are now worth less than $10.

This is shocking considering the fact that we had amassed well over 100 MH/s of Hashlet Primes/'immortal' HashStakers in the hope that Paycoin would be take off.

At this point in time, the market direction for 'Immortal' HashStakers seems to be only going one way - DOWN, in sync with Paycoin's price.

Currently, there are over 2,942 HashStakers on sale at Hash Market, of which about half were 'immortal' HashStakers.

This a large number compared to the number of Hashlet Primes that were for sale prior to Paycoin's launch (around 200), illustrating that confidence in HashStakers is VERY LOW at the moment (which is understandable, considering broken/pending promises by GAW's CEO up to this point).

HashStaker Paycoin

Paycoin price is now trading at below $1.

HashStaker Paycoin

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