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HashStaker Prime Wallet Reserved!

HashStaker Prime Upgrade

Our Total Investment in Hashlet Primes is Now 16.37325042 BTC

We purhcased 70 MH/s worth of Hashlet Primes in December for a total of 9.99423042 BTC.

We regret not having made the purchase earlier (as we could have mined more HPs that will later be converted to Paycoins), but it took us time to do our research on GAW Miners and its CEO Josh Garza.

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So far, our conclusion that both GAW Miners and its CEO are trustworthy (despite some negative criticism on various forums) and have the potential to pull off Paycoin has not changed.

Combined with our existing 50 MH/s from November 2014 and earlier, which cost us 6.37902 BTC, our total investment on Hashlet Primes is now 16.37325042 BTC.

We now have 120 MH/s of Hashlet Primes (HashStaker Primes after the update).


We Upgraded Our Hashlet Primes to HashStaker Primes

There were 2 Hashlet Prime upgrade options announced in early December.

We decided to go ahead with Option 2, which transforms Hashlet Primes to HashStaker Primes that never expire on a 1:1 ratio.

According to GAW's CEO, HashStaker Primes are on way to produce $100 a year worth of returns, without an expiration date.

If GAW's CEO is able to deliver on his promise, then choosing option 2 and upgrading to HashStaker Primes would be similar to owning shares that pay dividends.

If HashStaker Primes that are being sold for a little over $50 can deliver over $100 a year worth of returns, that's 200% ROI with a potential upside in payouts as Paycoin value increases.

This level of ROI is almost impossible to find in public stocks, but in the crypto mining industry, which is still nascent and unregulated, there is a possibility that returns like this could come true because the industry itself is quickly expanding from scratch.

HashStaker Prime Upgrade

If you believe in the potential of Paycoins and planned to upgrade Hashlet Primes to HashStaker Primes but hadn't done so yet, we believe there is still a few hours left, so we recommend you go ahead with the process ASAP.


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