Monthly Cloud Mining Results

January 2015 Cloud Mining Earnings : Only 0.28131 BTC...

January 2015 Cloud Mining Earnings

January 2015 Cloud Mining Earnings : Only 0.28131 BTC...

Our January 2015 cloud mining earnings experienced a significant drop as 2 of the 4 cloud mining services we were using (Litecoin GEAR and PB Mining) stopped payouts in December.

Payouts from Genesis Mining also dropped significantly as BTC price declined to near $200 levels while mining difficulty network hash rate remained relatively stable.

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Payouts from GAW Miners also dropped as Paycoin value continued to plummet.  Today, 1 XPY=$1.40, which is far from the original price target of $20 provided by GAW Miners.

January 2015 cloud mining earnings ended up at a mere 0.28131 BTC, which, at the current rate of 1BTC=224.47, was $63.15.

This was a sudden drop to nearly 1/20 to 1/30 of earnings in the previous months.

September 2014 Cloud Mining Earnings : 7.608116 BTC

October 2014 Cloud Mining Earnings : 9.955603698 BTC

November 2014 Cloud Mining Earnings : 8.3433 BTC

December 2014 Cloud Mining Earnings : 10.53830 BTC


(1) Litecoin GEAR : 0 BTC

Litecoin GEAR's payouts have been suspended since late December.

Although the service has explained the situation as a denial of service attack, and has announced that the service will resume with a new balances and withdrawal payment system, no dates have been provided.

In January 2015, there were no payouts from Litecoin GEAR.

(2) GAW Miners (Hashlet Primes) : 0.26819 BTC

Total Hash Rate : 148 MH/S

We earned a total of 43 XPY from staking 147 HashStakers.

Unfortunately, the price of Paycoin has not reached GAW's target price of $20 per Paycoin.   In fact, at the current rate of 1XPY=$1.40, the price target seems quite far.

Our January 2015 earnings of 43 XPY=$60.20.  At 1BTC=$224.47, this turns out to be 0.26819 BTC.


(3) Genesis Mining : 0.01129 BTC

Our cloud mining earnings from Genesis Mining dropped significantly in January from December's 0.16857389 BTC to 0.01129 BTC.

Our last payout from Genesis Mining for our 100 MH/s Altcoin Mining Contract was on January 22nd 2015.

Genesis Mining has stopped payouts as it is not able to cover maintenance fees at the current Bitcoin price levels.


(4) GAW Miners (Zen Hashlet, Hash Pool) : 0.00183 BTC

We upgraded our Zen Hashlet contract (1 MH/s) to 3-months Hash Stakers.  Hash Stakers earned 0.29 XPY in January.  At 1XPY=$1.40, this is $0.41, or 0.00183 BTC.


(5) PB Mining : 0 BTC

PB Mining announced that it is a failing business in December 2015.

Since then, weekly payouts have technically continued but the amount has been too small to take note of.  For example, on January 24th 2015 100 GH/s yielded 0.00008273 BTC, which would be less than 2 cents at 1BTC=$224.47


Our Accumulated Cloud Mining Income is Now 36.72663 BTC

Our accumulated cloud mining income from September 2014 to January 2015 is now at 36.72663 BTC.

At 1BTC=$224.47, we’ve earned a total of $8,244 from cloud mining services in the last 5months.


We’ve Spent 31.83244 BTC on Cloud Mining Contracts;  TOTAL ROI 115.37%

We’ve invested a total of 31.83244 BTC on cloud mining contracts.  With a total income of 36.72663 BTC, our TOTAL ROI at this point is 115.37%.

15% earnings in BTC in 5 months is not bad in a traditional investment context, but the fact that out of the 4 cloud mining services, 2 have closed doors for unknown reasons tells us that cloud mining services remain very risky.

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