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Josh Garza CEO of GAW Miners Makes 100 BTC Bet that GAW's New Miner and Hashlet Primes Will Be More Profitable than Any Other Cloud Mining Service!


Josh Garza CEO

Josh Garza CEO of GAW Miners opened a '100BTC Open Bet' on, where he challenged all other cloud mining companies that GAW's soon-to-launch miner, along with Hashlet Primes, will be the most profitable in the industry.

The bet is open any cloud mining provider that is willing to contest Josh Garza's statement.

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In the past few days, GAW Miners CEO Josh Garza has made other bullish comments on, such as a statement announcing that

(1) the value of Hashlet Primes will never go down again in a few weeks

(2) the combination of HashCoin and a Hashlet Prime will be the most profitable miner ever seen

Josh Garza CEO

We thought these statements were just public promotions of Hashlet Primes and HashCoin, but according to Josh's comments, he is pointing these things out just to be on the record in case anyone blames him for not mentioning about the opportunity.

Josh Garza CEO

It's clear from these public statements that Josh Garza is extremely confident about the future of Hashlet Primes and HashCoins.

By making public statements like this, he is putting both himself and his company, GAW Miners, in the spotlight - if Hashlet Primes and HashCoins go as planned and become more profitable than any other cloud mining service, Josh Garza and GAW Miners will become legendary, while failing to live up to their statements would shatter their brand image.

Only time will tell if Josh can walk his talk and GAW proves to be the most profitable cloud mining provider or not, but we respect the Josh Garza's boldness to declare victory on competition.


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