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Litecoin Cloud Mining News at Litecoin GEAR - 2FA Introduced & Share Multiplication Delayed to Sept. 23rd!


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Litecoin cloud mining company Litecoin GEAR ( has 2 new updates.

First, they have introduced Two Factor Authentication.  Since their service is growing popular by the day and user volume must be on a steady rise with serious order volume, it is a good idea that they are implementing this option as an increased security measure.

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The other update is that their FREE share multiplication, which was originally scheduled to be performed on Sept. 20th, 2014 and subsequently delayed to Sept. 22nd, 2014, is being delayed again to 'tomorrow' - so Sept. 23rd, 2014 we presume.

The reason for the delay is that there are many customers who ordered on the 22nd who are not able to verify their orders due to an 'email bomb' that occurred sometime on the 22nd.

We have been following Litecoin GEAR for some time now, even prior to placing our order for 6,400 ASIC Shares (640,000 KH/s), and it seems like delays of this kind are rather common at Litecoin GEAR.

If you go through their Announcements page, you can find many accounts of small delays here and there.  However, at the end of the day, we assume they were all solved.

So, we believe it's just another small delay, which may be resulting partly from their limited manpower (probably a very small operation of only a few people), and that we can't blame as the small overhead must be contributing significantly to their competitive prices!

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