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Litecoin GEAR ASIC Mining Shares - Sept. 26th, 2014 Payout - Which was More Profitable : Litecoin (LTC) or Feathercoin (FTC)?


ASIC Mining SharesLitecoin GEAR's cloud mining results have been updated.  For the week of Sept. 19th to Sept. 25th, 1 ASIC Share at Litecoin GEAR yielded 0.02148952 LTC.

We had 6,400 ASIC Shares but on Sept. 24th, there was a FREE multiplication of our shares by a factor of 1.35.  We were given an extra 2,240 ASIC Shares.  Litecoin GEAR provides these FREE share multiplications every 6 weeks to compensate for the rising levels of difficulty.

So, for this week, we have 5 days (Sept. 19-23rd) at 6,400 ASIC Shares, and 2 days (Sept. 24-25th) at 8,640 ASIC Shares.

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We don't know the exact daily output on a given day for each ASIC Shares, but we do know the weekly output was 0.02148952 LTC/7days/ASIC Share.

The average daily output per ASIC Share was 0.00306993142857 LTC.

Applying this average daily output, we get

Sept. 19th - Sept. 23rd (5 days) :  6,400 ASIC Shares x  0.00306993142857 LTC/ASIC Share/day  x 5 days = 98.23780571424 LTC

Sept. 24 - Sept. 25th (2 days): 8,640 ASIC Shares x 0.00306993142857 LTC/ASIC Share/day x 2 days = 53.0484150856896 LTC

TOTAL 151.2862207999296 LTC

Convert this to bitcoin at Litecoin GEAR's rate of BTC/LTC=0.011, we get

151.2862207999296 LTC x 0.011 = 1.66414842879923 BTC


What about Feathercoin?  Had we cloud mined Feathercoin, would we have received more bitcoins?

Feathercoin's network difficulty and payout per ASIC Share was as follows:

ASIC Mining SharesTotal output for 7 days was 3.18848165 FTC.

So the average output per ASIC Share per day was 0.45549737857143 FTC/ASIC Share/day

Applying this daily

Sept. 19th - Sept. 23rd (5 days) :  6,400 ASIC Shares x 0.45549737857143 FTC/ASIC Share/day x 5 days = 14,575.91611428576 FTC

Sept. 24 - Sept. 25th (2 days): 8,640 ASIC Shares x 0.45549737857143 FTC/ASIC Share/day x 2 days = 7870.9947017143104 FTC

We get 22,446.910816000070 FTC

Litecoin GEAR doesn't provide an exchange rate for FTC/BTC (probably because demand for this pair is low), but using BTC-e's BTC/FTC rate of 0.00006, the weekly feathercoin payout converts to

22,446.910816000070 FTC x 0.00006 BTC/FTC = 1.34681464896 BTC


To sum it up, this week, litecoin cloud mining yielded 1.66414842879923 BTC at Litecoin GEAR, whereas feathercoin cloud mining using the same hash rate would have yielded 1.34681464896 BTC.  Better to have stuck to litecoin!

Last week, it was different, and litecoin cloud mining yielded 1.6509466624 BTC at Litecoin GEAR whereas feathercoin cloud mining yielded 2.26767202816 BTC, which was substantially larger than litecoin mining output.

However, last week was an anomaly, and the trend for the past few weeks has been litecoin yielding greater payouts in BTC than feathercoin, and this trend still appears to hold.

Litecoin GEAR offers an option to switch between litecoin and feathercoin cloud mining without additional costs (whereas darkcoin and vertcoin cost extra for module purchase), but for now, looking at this week's results, we are going to stick with litecoin.

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