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Litecoin GEAR Now Offering Payouts in Bitcoin!


Litecoin Gear

Cloud mining site Litecoin GEAR, which has been in operation for nearly 1 year, is now offering weekly payouts in bitcoin.

Although the site was originally positioned as a dedicated litecoin cloud mining site with weekly payouts in litecoin, they began expanding their services to darkcoin and vertcoin cloud mining this summer (with payments in darkcoin and vertcoin).

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Since many users were receiving payouts in vertcoin and darkcoin and possibly litecoin, but immediately chose to convert bitcoin on various exchanges, Litecoin GEAR is now offering to do the currency exchange on your behalf, and make payouts in bitcoins for mining contracts in litecoin, vertcoin, and darkcoin.

Of course, you can still choose to receive payments in

-darkcoin or vertcoin if your mining contract is for vertcoin or darkcoin

-litecoin if your mining contrat is for litecoin

-litecoin if your mining contract is for vertcoin or darkcoin

Exchange rates used can be verified on their 'Farm Payments' page.  As of last week's payment (September 6th, 2014), exchange rates used were 5% better than rates on cryptocurrency exchange Cryptsy on the same day.

Litecoin Gear


Litecoin GEAR is currently administrated (and thought to be owned) by a person named 'Chris', who is known as the same person as bitcoin forum member 'beekeeper'.  'Beekeeper' has been an active member of since October 20th, 2011.  You can read his postings at here.

Litecoin Gear

Since late 2013, just around the time Litecoin GEAR was launched, 'beekeeper' seems to have shifted from to, and now appears to be using as his primary channel to talk to forum members.

His posts can be found here (you may need to login and become a forum member to view his posts).  'Beekeeper' still posts on and is an active member of the forum.

Litecoin Gear

Although Litecoin GEAR is run by 'Chris'/'beekeeper', which are most likely both pseudonyms, credibility among forum members toward Litecoin GEAR is high, due to their track record of being in operations for nearly 1 year with regular payouts, and the depth of technical knowledge behind the administrator who has been critiqued positively among other technically savvy forum members.

We recommend you do your own research on Litecoin GEAR since it is one of the oldest cloud mining sites in the nascent cryptocurrency cloud mining industry that has a good reputation along with one of the most competitive prices.

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