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Litecoin Gear Results - September 12th, 2014 Payout - ROI of 88.40% (USD) After 3 weeks and 2 days!


Litecoin Gear ResultsCloud Mining Service – Litecoin GEAR (

Number of Days Since Initial Purchase – 3 weeks and 2 days (as of today, September 13th, 2014)

Currency Mined – Litecoin

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Contract Hash Rate – 160,000KH/s x 4 = 640,000KH/s (4 sets of ASIC Share 1K6X - Anniversary)

Contract Length – 1-Year (although 2nd year costs will only be 5-20% of 1st year costs, to cover for electricity and hosting costs)

Payout Frequency – Weekly (every Saturday) → this week, pay out was conducted one day earlier, on Friday, September 12th, 2014

Amount Purchased – 3,688USD (approx. 733.9157429703 LTC @ 1LTC=5.0251 USD)

Time Purchased – August 21st, 2014

Earnings (LTC) as of September 13th, 2014 – 618.6082LTC

Earnings (USD) as of September 13th, 2014 – 3,260.07USD (@ 1LTC=5.27USD)

ROI (Return on Investment) (USD) as of September 13th, 2014 – 88.40%

ROI (LTC) as of September 13th, 2014 - 84.29%

Litecoin Gear Results - We received our weekly payout for 6,400 qASIC shares that we purchased from Litecoin GEAR on August 21st, 2014.

Litecoin GEAR has been making payouts on Saturdays for the last couple of weeks, but this week, they executed payouts one day earlier, on to 'perform steps to close sale of current asic production line (and other tasks).

Here are details for this week's payout, which covers the period of September 6th - 11th, 2014:

Litecoin Gear Results

Each week, a screen like this is one above that explains that week's mining results is posted on their 'Farm Payments' page, just 1-3 hours prior to the actual payout execution.

We own 6,400 ASIC Shares with Litecoin GEAR, which is 640,000 kH/s with 1 ASIC Share at Litecoin GEAR equalling 100 kH/s, or 640 MH/s.

Since 1 ASIC Share mined 0.02158131 LTC over the past 6 days (September 6th - 11th, 2014), we our payout becomes

0.02158131 LTC/1 ASIC Share x 6,400 ASIC Shares = 138.120384LTC

We were able to verify 138.11044 LTC in our wallet this morning, after fees of 0.009944 LTC were deducted.

Litecoin Gear Results

After last week's payout, our ROI was at 65.47%, but now, after this week's payout, we are at 88.40% ROI.

After next week's payout, which is scheduled on September 20th (Saturday), 2014, we are going to hit 100% ROI.

In our opinion 2 factors worked to our advantage:

1) Great price of 0.53 cents/kH/s provided by Litecoin GEAR to celebrate their 1 year anniversary campaign (which was originally scheduled to end at the end of August, but seems to be still selling, although likely to end soon if what admin says is true).  The price, at the time and still now, is the BEST price per kH/s you can find in scrypt cloud mining right now.

2) Stability in litecoin difficulty for the last month.  Litecoin difficulty has been increasing rapidly for the past few months, jumping from around 6,000 in mid-April to hitting 24,000 in early August, but it sudden became stable at around 28,000 from August 11th - September 12th.

Litecoin Gear Results

It looks like Litecoin GEAR's Anniversary product is still available today, but it will most likely be taken down as official announcements have made to do so on their site.

The price is 1,805USD for 160,000 kH/s, but with the 1 year anniversary discount coupon, you can get 49% off the sale price.  The coupon is 'anniversary1yr', so if you enter the coupon information during checkout, you can buy 160,000 kH/s for ONLY 922USD!

We purchased 4 sets of these on August 21st, 2014, paying 3,688USD in total for 640,000 kH/s, and while we still haven't hit 100% ROI, we are very glad to have made the purchase.

If you are interested in trying out Litecoin GEAR, we suggest you do so BEFORE the Anniversary discount ends, which is soon!  Litecoin GEAR's price of 0.53 cents/kH/s for scrypt cloud mining is simply THE BEST price per kH/s in the market right now!

Litecoin Gear Results

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