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Litecoin GEAR Share Multiplication Taking Place - Temporarily Down!


Litecoin GEAR Share Multiplication

Litecoin GEAR is undergoing FREE share multiplication now.  Details regarding multiplication factor have not been announced yet.

Share multiplication was originally scheduled for Sept. 20th, 2014, but was subsequently delayed to Sept. 22nd, and the most recent announcement before the website was taken down stated that it would take place on Sept. 23rd 21:00GMT and that website would be taken down for 'several hours' on maintenance mode.

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Litecoin GEAR Share Multiplication


It is now Sept. 24th, 2014, 0:15AM GMT, about 3 hours into the operation if website was taken down at 21:00GMT, so we assume the website will be back soon.

Should the website come back online on the 24th, there would be have been a delay of 4 days from the original plan scheduled on the 20th.

However, these delays appear to be somewhat common, based on previous Announcements made at Litecoin GEAR (you can check them on the Announcements page once the website comes back online), and we are not too concerned.

One assuring factor is that various forum members who have been long time users of Litecoin GEAR seem used to small delays like this and haven't voiced much concern at all.

We will update once multiplication has been finished and multiplication factor has been announced.

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