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LTCGear 2nd Gen Pre-ASIC Share 10 Unit Weekly ROI 2.05%!Why 2nd Gens Could Generate 28.62% in Weekly ROI After mid-January!


LTCGear 2nd Gen Pre-ASIC Share 10 Unit

2nd Gen Pre-ASIC Share 10 Unit Payout was 1.58954752 LTC

We bought 1 pack of '2nd Gen Pre-ASIC Share 10 Unit' on December 11th, just 1 day before December 12th payouts.

LTCGear 2nd Gen Pre-ASIC Share 10 Unit

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On Friday, December 12th 2014, our first payout for the '2nd Gen Pre-ASICs' came in.

LTCGear 2nd Gen Pre-ASIC Share 10 Unit

It was 1.58954752 LTC.  Based on the current Litecoin value of 1 LTC=$3.40 on, that translates to $5.40.


Weekly ROI for '2nd Gen Pre-ASICs' was 2.05%

We had paid 0.77197950 BTC for the '2nd Gens'.

This week's payout of 1.58954752 LTC would be 0.0158318932992 BTC based on the LTC/BTC exchange rate of 0.00996, yielding a weekly ROI of 2.05%.

2.05% in weekly ROI is considerably lower than the weekly ROI we are receiving with the current ASICs (1st Generation ASICs).  For example, this week's weekly ROI was 19.54% for our 10,800 ASIC Shares (1st Gen).


Looks Like 2nd Gen ASICs are Not Built for Scrypt Algorithm

To be fair, the '2nd Gen Pre-ASICs' haven't started hashing yet, and they are due for arrival in mid-January.

So the current payout is a temporary hash rate we are receiving (probably from existing excess hash power of 1st Gen ASICs).

The current hash rate is set at 1/2.5 of the Scrypt algorithm (30 MH/s) that 2nd ASICs will provide starting in mid-January.

However, even once the hardware arrives in mid-January, 2.5 times the current weekly ROI of 2.05% is still only 5.12% in weekly ROI, still much less compared to the weekly ROI of 19.54% that 1st Gen ASICs are able to provide.

So, it looks like the 2nd Gen ASICs aren't really built for scrypt algorithm and one would be much better off buying an existing product like 'ASIC Share 3K0' to mine scrypt.


2nd Gen ASICs Built for NeoScrypt/X11/Lyra2RE Algorithms

We see potential for 2nd Gen ASICs in mining NeoScrypt/X11/Lyra2RE algorithms.

Unfortunately, NeoScrypt stats are not available at LTCGear and Lyra2RE is in the middle of transition, so X11 is the only algorithm we can look into at this point in time.

2nd Gen ASICs are able to mine 95 MH/s of X11 algorithm.

LTCGear 2nd Gen Pre-ASIC Share 10 Unit

As a reference, on December 12th, 0.3 MH/s of X11 algorithm with the 1st Gen ASICs yielded 0.06006124 DRK in 1 week.

95 MH/s would have yielded 19.02 DRK, which is $42.22 based on 1DRK=$2.22.


2nd Gen ASICs May Yield a Weekly ROI of 28.62% or More!

After 1 payout, $295 2nd Gens could yield $42.22 worth of DRK, which could be interpreted as a weekly ROI of 14.31%.

This is still not better than the weekly ROI of 19.54% we are currently getting with mining scrypt algorithm, but DRK is actually much less profitable compared to FTC or VTC.

According to LTCGear, payouts for VTC and FTC have been as follows:

LTCGear 2nd Gen Pre-ASIC Share 10 Unit

You can see that VTC and FTC payouts have been more than double what DRK has been yielding.

If DRK were yielding 14.31% in weekly ROI, VTC and FTC could easily be yielding double, making a hypothetical weekly ROI of 28.62% quite realistic.

If you look at the graph above, you can see that sometimes VTC and FTC payouts could be more than 3 times that of DRK payouts, suggesting a possible scenario of weekly ROI (in BTC) jumping to 42.93% with the 2nd Gens once they arrive in mid-January.

With these numbers, there is a greater reason to go for 2nd Gens than the existing 1st Gen ASICs.

So, despite the low weekly ROI right now for the 2nd Gens, remember that the real strength of the 2nd Gens is in their ability to mine alternative algorthms other than scrypt, especially VTC and FTC, which are highly profitable, and could generate a ROI significantly higher than what the current ASICs provide.


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