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LTCGear 2nd Gen Pre-Shares Reflected in Our Account!

LTCGear 2nd Gen Pre-Shares

Just an update that the '2nd Gen Pre-Shares' we ordered has been reflected in our account.  It was actually very quick (less than 20 minutes?) after sending our Bitcoin payment.

We created a new account at LTCGear, separate from our existing account that hashes 10,800 qASICs, for ease of tracking.  We've learned it's much easier to track payouts with a different account and a different wallet.

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Since our order was placed on December 11th at around 2PM UTC, 1.5 days prior to the next payout which is due December 12th after 9PM, we are assuming that our first payout is going to be happening today!

If you are considering to place an order with LTCGear, there are 2 recommended times to place new orders:

(1) Right before Friday evening's payouts, as you are entitled to 1 week's worth of payouts even if order is placed and paid on Thursday and according to some existing users, even on Friday (although we've never tried ordering and receiving payouts on Friday ourselves yet).

(2) Right before share multiplications (which take place every 6 weeks at LTCGear).  If you place an order right before the next share multiplication deadline, then your shares will be multiplied by a certain factor for FREE.  Share multiplication multiples have hovered around 1.25 - 1.35 for the past two share multiplications.  If you place an order for 3,000 qASIC Shares, for example, your shares will  get upgraded to 3,750 qASICs if the multiple is 1.25.  The next share multiplication at LTCGear is scheduled for December 24th, 2014.  So perhaps, placing an order before December 19th (Fri) payout might be wise - that way, you would be entitled to a payout on December 19th, plus, free share multiplication on December 24th!

We will be updating on how the 2nd Gens perform in terms of payouts separately from our 10,800 qASIC account.


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