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LTCgear Coin Choice Announcement!Catering to X11 Mods & Dual Mods Users!

LTCgear Coin Choice

A new announcement regarding 'Coin Choice' has been posted at

In the past couple of weeks, many users have reported having trouble with receiving payouts in the coin of their choice at LTCgear.

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We know this from first hand as two weeks ago, we had received payouts in BTC although our 'Coin Choice' was set at LTC.  To this date, we still don't know why this happened.

However, our problem was fixed last week on Oct. 10th, 2014 payout when we received payouts in LTC.  We had made no changes to settings and only followed instructions made in the previous announcement.

Going forward, we anticipate to receive payouts in LTC as usual.

Today's announcement from LTCgear is mainly for those who purchased X11 Mods or Dual Mods (we purchased 4 sets of 'ASIC 1K6X Shares - Anniversary' so we assume we're not their target audience this time).

Basically it asks users to

(1) Enter all 4 wallet addresses (Scrypt address for Litecoin or Feathercoin, SHA256 address for Bitcoin, X11 address for Darkcoin, Scrypt-N address for Vertcoin)

(2) Pick a coin you want to be paid in from the choices under 'Coin Choice' (including getting paid in Shares)

while also explaining in detail how to get paid in each coin (Litecoin, Bitcoin, X11, Scrypt-N, Convert to shares) in a graph.

These announcements had been made before and they're nothing new, but since some users have experienced irregularities in payouts (such as our Oct. 3rd 2014 payouts in BTC, as opposed to LTC), we assume LTCgear is making this official announcement once again to emphasize its importance.

We don't know X11 Mods and Dual Mods 1st hand, but our view is that sticking to (1) and (2) would be the best solution here.

We've seen people recommending inserting only a few wallet addresses as opposed to all 4 wallet addresses, but it's probably best to stick  to the official announcement - at least that's worked for us (despite one payout error and getting paid in BTC, which we can tolerate).

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