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LTCGear Back Online is Back Online

Cloud mining company LTCGear's website, is back online after days of 'maintenance' required for the introduction of balances and withdrawal on demand system, which was originally announced to be live on January 5th 2015.

Due to prolonged delay in the introduction of the new system, along with limited updates on status quo and missing payouts since December 26th 2014, we had assumed that the service was basically going out of business.

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Coin Balances Feature Has Been Added

Although the website has come back online and the promised balances and withdrawal feature has now been added to 'My Accounts' page, it is not reflecting any numbers at the moment.

LTCGear Back Online

Whether this feature will be fully activated with actual user balances has yet to be seen.

According to, there will be a new announcement posted over the weekend, which we are looking forward to.



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