Cloud Mining Earnings ROI - Oct. 24 - 30th Weekly ROI 22.12% - TOTAL ROI 177.06% (USD) & 239.18% (LTC) in 10 Weeks & 2 Days!



Cloud Mining Service – LTCGEAR (Litecoin GEAR)

Number of Days Since Initial Purchase – 10 weeks and 2 days (as of Oct. 31st, 2014)

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Currency Mined – Litecoin (LTC)

Contract Hash Rate – 864,000KH/s or 864MH/s (originally, 160,000KH/s x 4 = 640,000KH/s (4 sets of ASIC Share 1K6X – Anniversary, products below) were purchased, using ‘anniversary1yr’ coupon for a 49% DISCOUNT, but then shares were further multiplied by courtesy of Litecoin GEAR on Sept. 24th, 2014, to compensate for rising levels of difficulty)

Litecoin GEAR ROILitecoin GEAR ROI






Litecoin GEAR ROILitecoin GEAR ROI






Contract Length – 1-Year (although 2nd year costs will only be 5-20% of 1st year costs, to cover for electricity and hosting costs)

Payout Frequency – Every Friday (Originally payouts were on Sunday, and they were shifted to Saturday, but now, the date appears to have been fixed for Friday)

Amount Purchased – $3,688 (approx. 733.9157429703 LTC @ 1LTC=$5.0251 at the time)

Time Purchased – August 21st, 2014

Weekly Earnings (LTC) on Oct. 31st, 2014 − 162.34182 LTC (22.12% weekly ROI (LTC) ROI

TOTAL Earnings (LTC) as of Oct. 31st, 2014 – 1,755.3466551607 LTC

TOTAL Earnings (USD) as of Oct. 31st, 2014 – $6,529.89 (@ 1LTC=$3.72 on

ROI (Return on Investment) (USD) as of Oct. 31st, 2014 – 177.06%

ROI (Return on Investment) (LTC) as of Oct. 31st, 2014 – 239.18%


We received 162.34182 LTC  for the period of Oct. 24th – Oct. 30th 2014.

We own 8,640 ASIC Shares at  Since 1 ASIC Share yielded 0.01878995 LTC over the course of the past week, 8,640 ASIC Shares would have yielded 162.345168 LTC, which is 0.003348 LTC, or about $0.01 more than what we received (which is acceptable).

Average difficulty during Oct. 24th - Oct. 30th was 37,489.  This was a 3% increase from last week's (Oct. 17th - 23rd) average difficulty of 36,369.

This week payouts arrived at around 9:30PM GMT on Oct. 31st, 2014.  It seems like payment delays are a thing of the past now, and weekly payouts are arriving ahead of the 12:00PM GMT deadline on payout day (every Friday).


As of Oct. 31st, 2014, we have received a total of 1,755.3466551607 LTC from

Had we purchased Litecoins from an exchange on the day we purchased our shares from, we would have received 733.9157429703 LTC.  By choosing to cloud mine with than to simply buy Litecoins and hold onto them, we ended up with 1,021.4309121904 LTC more.


Our current TOTAL earnings from in USD is at $6,529.89.

Had we simply purchased Litecoins at an exchange instead of choosing to cloud mine, we would have had 733.9157429703 LTC in our hands, which would have a value of $2,730.17 at the current Litecoin value of 1LTC=$3.72 on

By choosing to cloud mine with than to buy Litecoins at an exchange, we ended up with $3,799.72 more.


All in all, has been working great for us.

However, thing tend to change quickly in cloud mining, as exemplified by ZeusHash's recent change in maintenance fees which has led to a sudden drop in daily ROI from 0.63% to 0.23%.

It should be noted that cloud mining is a high risk investment, and it's important for every investor to do his/her own research and to only invest with money they can risk to lose in a worst case scenario.

That being said, has been the winner in our portfolio, and we hope they remain competitive over a long time!

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