Cloud Mining News & Reviews Shares (ASIC Share 1K6X - Anniversary) On Sale Again! Shares shares were out of stock (with very limited random replenishments that sold out immediately) from October 29th, 2014 until yesterday, but they are in stock again as of this writing.

We don't know if they will go out of stock again or not.

Sponsored Link : is scheduled to undergo FREE share multiplication on November 5th, 2014.

FREE share multiplication is a service that offers to try to compensate users for increases in mining difficulty.  With most cloud mining services, as mining difficulty increases, payouts tend to decrease.  But, with's FREE multiplication every 1.5 months, users are able to maintain or nearly maintain weekly payout levels.

Last FREE share multiplication took place on September 24th, 2014, and our shares of 6,400 ASIC Shares were multiplied to 8,640 ASIC Shares.  The multiplication factor was 1.35.

We don't know what the multiple will be on November 5th, 2014, but it's definitely great time to buy shares as multiplication is taking place in a week.

It would be wiser to buy BEFORE multiplication and receive the full benefits of multiplication than to wait and buy AFTER multiplication, in which case 6 weeks has to pass until the next FREE multiplication.

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