Cloud Mining News & Reviews Update - Now ALL 4 WALLET ADDRESSES (Scrypt, X11, Scrypt-N, SHA256) Must be Filled to Receive Weekly Payouts!


LTCGear.comLitecoin cloud mining company Litecoin GEAR (at just made an update on wallet addresses - from now on, users of must fill out ALL 4 WALLET ADDRESSES (Scrypt address (LTC/FTC), X11 address (DRK), Scrypt-N address (VTC), and SHA256 address (Bitcoin)) to receive weekly payouts.

Before, one needed to only fill out addresses for which you were getting paid in (with the exception of coins that were being converted to bitcoins for payment, in which case you needed to fill litecoin AND bitcoin, or vertcoin AND bitcoin, and so forth).

Our screen at We only had our Scrypt address (LTC/FTC) filled, but with this new announcement, we will need to fill out the remaining wallet addresses this week.

This is an important announcement because unless all 4 wallet addresses are filled, payments will be postponed for a week until the next payment.

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We assume this new rule is now effective, so if you are a Litecoin GEAR user, make sure all 4 wallet addresses are filled before the next weekly payout which is scheduled to be on Oct. 3rd, 2014.

To ensure a smooth transaction on Oct. 3rd, we would recommend finishing the addition of new wallet addresses ideally by Oct 1st (Wed), 2014, which we plan to do.

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