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LTCGear Discount Code 'brfrf30' to Get 30% OFF on Black Friday Sale! Inventory Restocked at LTCGear!


LTCGear Announces Black Friday Special Coupons

LTCGear announced special discount coupons for Black Friday sales.  Several products were fully restocked.  Coupon codes are available on the top page of


Coupon Code 'bfrf30' to Get 30% OFF

Coupon codes are announced to be limited in usage and each coupon can only be used several times, but the current coupon coupon code 'bfrf30' qualifies for a 30% Black Friday discount. 30% Discount is quite substantial!

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Both ASIC Share 1K83 and ASIC Share 15K0 Restocked!

This week, most products were 'Out of Stock' at LTCGear, but most products have been restocked with the Black Friady sale, including 'ASIC Share 1K83 - Special', which provides 182.5 MH/s for $839, or at $4.60/MH/s, and 'ASIC Share 15K0 - Black Friday "Mega" Pack' which provides 1,500 MH/s for $4,805, or at  $3.20/MH/s. asicshare1k83

With the 'bfrf30' coupon applied, 'ASIC Share 1K83 - Special' would be discounted to $587.30, pushing down the price per MH/s to $3.22/MH/s.  This is how much Black Friday "Mega" Pack sells for without the Black Friday discount coupon. asicshare15k0black With the 'bfrf30'  coupon, 'ASIC Share 15K0' would be discounted to $3,363.50, which pushes the price per MH/s for Black Friday "Mega" Pack to $2.24/MH/s.

Coupon Codes Limited and Discount Values to Change

Coupon codes and discount values are subject to change according to the announcement, so make sure to check which coupon codes and discount value is valid at prior to purchase!


Update ( around 02:30UTC) : We Tried to Place an Order for ASIC Share 1K83 Using 'bfrf30' Coupon, But We Were Too Late!


We tried to place an order for 'ASIC Share 1K83 - Special' about 2.5 hours after 0:00 UTC when the sale started using the 30% OFF code 'bfrf30' and the 29% OFF code 'bfr29d', but it looks like we were too late.  "Coupon usage limit has been reached."

Later we found out that 'bfrf30' sold out in a matter of minutes.  We will continue to watch for new coupons we can to 'ASIC Share 1K83 - Special'.


Update 2 (around 03:00 UTC) : Coupon Usage Limit Reached for All Coupons Available For Now!


After seeing that the initial coupons are not working, we tried all the latest coupon codes for 'ASIC Share 1K83', but ALL the coupon codes that are available now for 'ASIC Share 1K83' have already reached their limits!

It appears that supply of coupons are really limited and they are going out very quickly!

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