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LTCGear Payout Delay(by 11hrs & 30 mins)!

LTCGear Payout Delay

LTCGear Payout Delay : We Haven't Received Our Weekly Payouts Yet!

There has been a payout delay at LTCGear, and we have yet to receive our November 14th payout.

One of our readers was experiencing a similar situation last week, and our advice was to wait and see - that's exactly what we are doing now, but while we wait, here is how the payout delay happened.

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At First, Some Payouts Were Planned Announced to be 1 Hour Late at 01:00 UTC

At first, on the 'Farm Payments' page, there was an announcement indicating that payouts would be sent at around 22:00 UTC on November 14th, 2014, with some payouts to be processed at around 01:00 UTC on November 15th, 2014.

We waited, but we couldn't verify payouts in our wallet.


But Then, They Were Delayed to 03:00 UTC...

LTCGear Payout Delay

There was an announcement update indicating that a small number of payouts would be sent later, at around 03:00 UTC due to slow network confirmations.

At around this time, we started seeing LTCGear users receive their payouts in BTC and LTC in various forums.

It appears that LTCGear's statement that 'a small number of payments will be sent later' was true and most payouts seem to have their owners fine.

However, although we waited, we couldn't verify our payouts.


Then, at 07:00 UTC, We Found That Some Payouts Were Still Stuck...

LTCGear Payout Delay

Then, at 07:00 UTC, there was a third update stating that some payouts were stuck due to slow network confirmation and a small DDOS attack.

Apparently, payouts were going to be restarted manually.

LTCGear Payout Delay

It's now 11:30 AM UTC, 11 Hours and 30 Minutes Passed the Payout Deadline!

We have been waiting since 07:00 UTC to see if our payouts would arrive, but nothing has arrived yet.  This is technically a delay of 11 hours and 30 minutes since the deadline of November 14th, 2014 midnight, UTC.

We have contacted the admin at LTCGear and got a quick message stating that payouts were being restarted now, which was something we already knew at that point.


Expect 'Delays' Like This Here and There with LTCGear!

We wanted to report what we are experiencing to let you know that these 'delays' tend to happen at LTCGear here and there, and that you would be better off if you were prepared for them.

Payouts were steady for a while (for around a month) coming in before 21:00 UTC until last week when some payouts were sent after midnight, technically qualifying as a 'delay'.

There have also been 'delays' with share multiplications, where schedule was pushed back a few days from the original date.  This has happened on both the 5th and the most recent 6th share multiplications.

But, we've made the decision not to be concerned too much about these 'delays' as LTCGear has always delivered, despite delays here and there, when it comes to mining payouts and protecting users' interests.

'Delays' are always frustrating, but, we've learned to accept them as a part of the package that comes with LTCGear, which is offering the highest ROI in scrypt cloud mining today.


We will update on the current pending payout once we receive them.


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