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LTCGear Payout Delay : Payout Delayed from December 19th to 20th!

LTCGear Payout Delay

LTCGear Payout is Delayed By 1 Day

Weekly Friday payout from LTCGear, which was scheduled on December 19th, has been delayed by one day, according to announcement on

The reason for the delay is explained as more than half of users not having visited their accounts since the new security system has been put in place.

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The new security system implements a 24 hour lock-down on payouts when one changes BTC/LTC addresses on their account page.


You Should Log in to Your LTCGear Account and Check Your Payment Lockdown Status

If you haven't logged in to your LTCGear account in the past week, you should log in to your account to verify your lockdown status.

As we understand it, after last week's security update, all accounts were put on payment lockdown on default.

This means that even if you had made no changes to your BTC/LTC addresses, your account is now put on payment lockdown that can only be unlocked if you log in to your account.

LTCGear Payout Delay

This is what our Account page looked like when we first logged in.  'Payment lockdown in action for another 24 hour(s)'.

We had not made any changes to our BTC/LTC addresses but our payment was setup on lockdown mode by default.  This 24 hour lockdown only started unlocking after we logged in to our account.

LTCGear Payout Delay

After 4 hours, our lockdown remaining time was reduced to 20 hours.

LTCGear Payout Delay


Then to 15 hours.

LTCGear Payout Delay

Finally, after 24 hours, status was set to 'No payment lockdown'.

We believe that your account status would have to be set on 'No payment lockdown' status in order to receive payouts.

We have one extra account for our 2nd Gen ASICs, but the 24 hour lockdown only began to unlock when we logged in to our account.

If you own multiple accounts at, we recommend you log in to each of your accounts to initiate the unlocking process!


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