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LTCGear Payout Method Set to Change From Weekly Payouts to Balance Per User and Pay on Demand System on January 5th 2015!

LTCGear Payout MethodLTCGear to Shift to Balance Per User and Pay on Demand System on January 5th 2015

Litecoin GEAR's Farm Payments page was updated with an announcement that the service will shift from a weekly payout system to a balance per user, pay on demand system.

The new system is scheduled to go live on January 5th 2015 (Farm Payments page states December 5th Monday, but this is most likely January 5th 2015, which is a Monday).

Before, payouts were sent automatically every week (on Friday), but the new system, as we understand it, accumulates balances and sends them out upon authorization by the account holder.

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Our December 26th Payout is Still Missing

The last payout we received from Litecoin GEAR was on December 22nd, for our December 19th payout.

Our December 26th payout is still missing, along with the current January 2nd 2015 payout.  This is a total of 2 weeks of missing payouts.

We hope the new system will be activated as scheduled next Monday, and pending payouts will be retrievable.


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