Cloud Mining Earnings

LTCGear Payout November 14th, 2014 152.83724 LTC or $580.78!TOTAL ROI 212.75% (USD) , 281.33% (LTC) in 12 Weeks & 2 Days!

LTCGear Payout November 14th, 2014

November 14th Payout Arrived Almost 20 Hours Late!

We experienced a significant payout delay for our November 14th payout, but the payout finally came in at 7:30 PM on November 15th, 2014.  This is technically a 19 hours and 30 minutes delay.

Unfortunately, delays like this are not really new at LTCGear, and we've learned to accept them as a package that comes along with their high ROI operations.

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November 14th, 2014 LTCGear Payout was 152.83724 LTC or $580.78

November 14th, 2014 payout from LTCGear was 152.83724 LTC or $580.78, using's price of 1LTC=$3.80 at the time of this writing.

LTCGear Payout November 14th, 2014

This week's payout dropped about 2% from last week's payout due to rise in difficulty levels, and remains at the lowest level in the last few weeks.

LTCGear Payout November 14th, 2014

However, next week's payout is expected to pick up as new shares have been added during the 6th share multiplication.


Average Difficulty for November 7-13th at LTCGear was 41,212

Average difficulty for the week between November 7th-13th was 41,212.  The difficulty increase from last week's average difficulty of 38,879 was +6%, the highest in the past 3 weeks.

Oct. 10th-Oct. 16th : 36,019

Oct. 17th-Oct.23rd : 36,369 (+1%)

Oct. 24th-Oct. 30th : 37,489 (+3%)

Oct. 31st-Nov. 6th : 38,879 (+4%)

Nov. 7th-Nov. 13th : 41,212 (+6%)


New Shares from 6th Multiplication Not Counted for Entire Week

LTCGear Payout November 14th, 2014

Although our shares were multiplied from 8,640 qASICs (or 864 MH/s) to 10,800 qASICs (or 1,080 MH/s) in the 6th share multiplication, new shares only started hashing after they were added, and did not hash for the entire week.

LTCGear Payout November 14th, 2014

Next week, we will start to see the fruits of an entire week's worth of hashing at the new hash rate of 1,080 MH/s.


TOTAL Payouts from LTCGear is Now at 2,064.7499551607 LTC or $7,846 in 12 Weeks and 2 Days

After 12 weeks or 3 months of cloud mining at LTCGear, our TOTAL payouts are now at 2,064.7499551607 LTC.  Using the exchange rate of 1 LTC=$3.80, this is $7,846.

Had we not chosen to cloud mine at LTCGear and chosen to exchange our purchase price of $3,688 for the current contract for LTC, we would have been left with about 733.9157429703 LTC.

Instead, we now have 2,064.7499551607 LTC.

The difference is 1,330.8342121904 LTC or $5,057.17, and this is what choosing LTCGear has brought us, which we are always thankful for.


Our LTCGear Contract Details

Cloud Mining Service – LTCGEAR (Litecoin GEAR)

Number of Days Since Initial Purchase – 12 weeks and 2 days (as of Nov. 14th, 2014)

Currency Mined – Litecoin (LTC)

Contract Hash Rate – 1,080,000KH/s or 1,080MH/s (originally, 160,000KH/s x 4 = 640,000KH/s (4 sets of ASIC Share 1K6X – Anniversary) were purchased, using ‘anniversary1yr’ coupon for a 49% DISCOUNT, but then shares were further multiplied by courtesy of Litecoin GEAR on Sept. 24th, 2014 (5th share multiplication, 1.35 multiple), and on November 11th, 2014 (6th share multiplication, 1.25 multiple) to compensate for rising levels of difficulty.  The next share multiplication is scheduled for December 24th, 2014.

LTCGear Payout November 14th, 2014LTCGear Payout November 14th, 2014






LTCGear Payout November 14th, 2014LTCGear Payout November 14th, 2014







Contract Length – 1-Year (although 2nd year costs will only be 5-20% of 1st year costs, to cover for electricity and hosting costs)

Payout Frequency – Every Friday

Amount Purchased – $3,688 (approx. 733.9157429703 LTC @ 1LTC=$5.0251 at the time)

Time Purchased – August 21st, 2014

Weekly Payouts (LTC) on Nov. 14th, 2014 −  152.83724 LTC (20.82% weekly ROI (LTC))

TOTAL Payouts (LTC) as of Nov. 14th, 2014 –2,064.7499551607 LTC

TOTAL Payouts (USD) as of Nov. 14th, 2014 – $7,846.05 (@ 1LTC=$3.80 on

ROI (Return on Investment) (USD) as of Nov. 14th, 2014 – 212.75%

ROI (Return on Investment) (LTC) as of Nov. 14th, 2014 – 281.33%


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