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LTCGear Share Multiplication Schedule Changed to Nov. 8th!

LTCGear Share Multiplication Schedule

LTCGear share multiplication schedule has been changed from the original date of November 5th, 2014 to November 8th, 2014.

Abrupt changes like this are quite common at LTCGear.

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Looking back to September 20th share multiplication, the original date of 20th was pushed back to the 22nd with the first announcement, then was pushed back to the 23rd in the second announcement, and was completed on the 24th.

Technically, the last share multiplication was delayed by 3-4 days.

If you are a current user of LTCGear or plan on becoming one, it's probably better you anticipate sudden delays like this.

While we weren't never happy to see these sorts of delays, we have come accustomed to them now, and we've learned to accept them over time as a part of LTCGear's service because they offer the best ROI in scrypt cloud mining and despite these issues, their service is always improving.

For example, in the past, we were seeing delays in weekly payouts and sometimes, we would see payouts arrive well past the payout day deadline of 12:00PM GMT due to system issues.

But, for the past few weeks, LTCGear payouts have been running smoothly, always arriving a few our before 12:00 GMT on payout day (which is set for Friday now).

So, don't be shocked by these delays.  They have happened before but whatever is on agenda will ultimately be executed.

Best of all, share multiplication extended to Nov. 8th means we have until Nov. 7th to purchase new shares that will be multiplied RIGHT AWAY on the 8th!  LTCGear is currently out of inventory, but hopefully, they will manage to restock before the 7th...


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