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LTCGear Shares - Don't Forget to Fill Out ALL 4 Wallet Addresses & Select Coin to Receive Weekly Share Payouts on Fridays!


LTCGear SharesCloud mining company LTCGear (Litecoin GEAR) made an important announcement on Sept. 28th, 2014, to its existing shareholders regarding weekly payout policy changes.

From now on, LTCGear users will be required to fill ALL 4 WALLET ADDRESSES to receive weekly payouts for mining shares on Fridays.

LTCGear Shares

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Before this announcement, users were only required to fill in wallet addresses based on their desired payout cryptocurrency, but it was complicated because of minor conditions were set for different products - for example, if you had wanted to mine litecoin but wanted share payouts in bitcoins, you not only had to fill out the bitcoin wallet address, but also the litecoin address.

Many users, especially new users at LTCGear had difficulty grasping the old payout structure, which is why we presume the site is adopting to an easier rule that applies equally to all users and all share products (ASIC Shares and Farm$hares).

However, the condition is that unless ALL 4 WALLET ADDRESSES must be filled, weekly payouts will be automatically postponed for 1 week until the next payout day.

So, if you are a user of LTCGear, make sure to fill out those 4 wallet addresses early, ideally before Oct. 1st (Wed), although forum discussions indicate a deadline of Oct 3rd (Fri), which is the next payout date.

We didn't want to take any chances, so we inserted all of our wallet addresses, and chose our payment coin - litecoin (LTC).

If you are a user of LTCGear, we recommend inserting all your wallet addresses and choosing your coin as soon as possible in accordance with the latest announcement.

LTCGear Shares

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