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LTCgear Shares Sold Out - 'ASIC Share 1K6X - Anniversary' Out of Stock!

LTCgear Shares Sold Out

Litecoin cloud mining service Litecoin GEAR's flagship product 'ASIC Share 1K6X - Anniversary' has been 'Out of stock' most of the last 24 hours.

The product has been on SALE (1 Year Anniversary Sale) since late August, but this is the first time we see this product go out of inventory for so long.

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Throughout the day, inventory was added a number of times, but only in limited quantities, and the status has been 'Out of stock' for the majority of the day.

We don't know if this is just temporary a temporary situation or not.

We purchased this product on August 21st, 2014 and we have reached 217.06% in ROI (LTC) as of last week on Oct. 24th, 2014.

By comparison, LTCgear has been the BEST cloud mining product we have tried thus far.

Using the 'Anniversary Coupon' upon checkout (coupon is 'anniversary1yr'), the retail price of $1,805 is discounted to $920.55 for 160 MH/s.  This translates to $5.75/MH/s, by far the BEST price in scrypt cloud mining.

The sale was originally scheduled to end much earlier, in early September, 2014, but it was postponed until now.

Whether there are going be new product announcements from LTCgear remains unknown.


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