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LTCGear Stock Available (Right Now ONLY)!

LTCGear Stock Available

LTCGear Shares Are Back (But We Really Don't Know for How Long...)!

LTCGear stock of 'ASIC share 1K6X - Anniversary' is available again!

For the past couple of days, LTCGear's most popular product 'ASIC Share 1K6X - Anniversary' has been 'Out of stock' most of the time.  Stock would be replenished, but it would go back to 'Out of stock' status very quickly.

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We opened LTCGear and noticed stock was back up, so we decided to update!


If You Buy Now, Your Shares Will be Multiplied for FREE On Nov. 8th!

Now is a good time to buy shares at LTCGear because there is going to be FREE share multiplication on Nov. 8th.  On Nov. 8th, your shares will be multiplied by a particular multiple.

For example, if a multiple of 1.35 is applied like with the last multiplication on Sept. 24th, then 1,600 ASIC shares (the equivalent of 160 MH/s) will be granted 560 ASIC shares for FREE, and the total number of shares would become 2,160 ASIC shares!

More shares means more hash power and therefore more mining payouts!


If You Plan to Give LTCGear a Try, NOW is a Great Tim to ACT (Really)!

LTCGear provides these share multiplications every 6 weeks, and Nov. 8th is the upcoming share multiplication (it was actually originally scheduled to take place on Nov. 5th, but it has been delayed to Nov. 8th).

Whatever you buy before Nov. 7th (and possibly Nov. 8th before the website is taken off for maintenance, although we less confident about Nov. 8th) will be multiplied by  the determined multiplication factor (the actual multiplication factor will most likely be announced on Nov. 8th or 9th after share multiplication has been completed)!

If you were planning on giving LTCGear a try, NOW is a great time to give the service a try, especially if you were thinking of giving the service a try in the next 1-2 weeks.

If you act now, you will receive FREE shares from multiplication.

You can keep your FREE shares and receive recurring payouts (like us) or if you want, you can easily resell the bonus shares for a quick (and relatively risk-free) profit.  We plan to hold on to our LTCGear shares for a long time and have no plans to sell, but we also respect people who would prefer to capitalizing this relatively risk free arbitrage opportunity to reduce their risk load.

But, if you miss this round of share multiplication, you will have to wait until the NEXT share multiplication, which will most likely be in mid-December!

Please note that LTCGear stocks are available AT THE MOMENT of this writing, but they could go out of stock any moment (and we don't know when they will restock, unfortunately;  we apologize in advance if they are out of stock when you visit the site)!




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