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Multi Hashlet Cloud Mining - Back to ZERO Payouts Again!

Multi Hashlet Cloud Mining

Our Multi Hashlets had experienced 4 days of ZERO payouts from Oct. 23rd - 26th, 2014, but on Oct. 27th, 2014, our payouts were profitable once again, although the daily ROI was small, at only 0.13%.

On Oct. 28th, 2014, we had NET earnings of 0.00106924 BTC, which was a daily ROI of 0.21%.  It was still small compared to our NET earnings prior to the ZERO payouts, but it looked like payouts were on track to recovery.

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However, yesterday, on Oct. 29th, 2014, we effectively hit ZERO payouts once again.

Oct. 29th earnings were 0.00353041 BTC, but maintenance fees were also 0.00353040 BTC, leaving 0.00000001 BTC, which we consider as effectively ZERO.

Our NET earnings for 15 MH/s of Multi Hashlets for the past week has been as follows:

-Oct. 23rd : 0% daily ROI

-Oct. 24th : 0% daily ROI

-Oct. 25th : 0% daily ROI

-Oct. 26th : 0% daily ROI

-Oct. 27th : 0.13% daily ROI

-Oct. 28th : 0.21% daily ROI

-Oct. 29th : 0% daily ROI

While we hope NET earnings for Multi Hashlets will recover in the near future, based on the actual payouts over the past week, we're not too optimistic about this situation.

If you are considering Hashlets, our first advice would be to AVOID Multi Hashlets for the time being!


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