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Multi Hashlet Maintenance Fees Reaches Daily Payout Amount!0% Daily ROI!Ooh...

Multi Hashlet Maintenance Fees

On Oct. 23rd, 2014, our Multi Hashlet contract with GAW Miners reached a point where daily maintenance fees matched daily payouts.

The maintenance fees on Oct. 23rd was 0.0032868 BTC, which equaled that day's daily payout.

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It was our 25th day of cloud mining.

Multi Hashlet Maintenance Fees

Up to this point, we had accumulated a  TOTAL of 0.06856452 BTC in payouts for 15MH/s of Multi Hashlets.  We had purchased the current contract for 0.5090425532 BTC, so our TOTAL ROI was at 13.47%.

It is rather shocking that we have already reached a point where maintenance fees match the payout amount.

Just a few days ago, Multi Hashlet was the best performing pool, even outperforming Zen Hashlet, which had been at the top for a long time.

Multi Hashlet Maintenance Fees

However, we checked the most recent ranking and found that Multi Hashlets are the worst performing right now.  Apparently, Multi Hashlets' rise in ranking was only temporary.

Multi Hashlet Maintenance Fees

Most likely, this 0% daily payout situation is just temporary, but it is still shocking to see a '0% payout day' so soon, within just 1 month of starting cloud mining.

We understand that payouts decline with rising levels of difficulty and eventually reach a stage where maintenance fees cannot be covered by daily payouts at which point mining has to stop, but we just weren't expecting to see this happen so soon, so suddenly.

We anticipate that daily payouts will recover soon and that we will get our daily payouts again, but the shock remains since once something like this happens, we believe that it is only a matter of time before it happens again, as daily payouts are bound to dry up eventually in crypto mining.

If you're considering Hashlets, we certainly wouldn't recommend Multi Hashlets at this point, after a situation like this!


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