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Multi Hashlet ROI : 0% daily ROI 4 Days in a Row!Shocking!

Multi Hashlet ROI

Multi Hashlet ROI has been 0% for the past 4 days of cloud mining.

This is because the maintenance fees per day have exceeded the number of coins mined as mining income has decreased dramatically over the past few days.

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Before, in early October, 2014, daily mining revenue for Multi Hashlets hovered around 0.006 BTC. , and even as recently as Oct. 20th, 2014, it was yielding 0.00657377 BTC.

However, suddenly, on Oct. 23rd, 2014, daily mining earnings fell to 0.0032868 BTC, effectively wiping out all profits after maintenance fees were deducted.

Maintenance fees for scrypt mining at GAW is set at $0.08/MH/s/day.

Multi Hashlet ROI

We purchased 15 MH/s, but our mining power has (thankfully) somehow increased to 15.509 MH/s.  At $0.08/MH/s/day, our maintenance fees add up to $1.24/day.

Multi Hashlet ROI

Since the current Bitcoin price is 1BTC= $354.38, $1.24/day of maintenance fees is 0.0035 BTC (rounded up).

0.0035 BTC is actually higher than our mining income of 0.003399480 BTC on Oct. 26th, so we were actually in the red by 0.00010052 BTC, or $0.04 for Oct. 26th.

Fortunately, GAW Miners only charges maintenance fees up to the daily income set as max, and that's why our payouts have been 0 for the past 4 days.

This situation COULD change in the future, if

(1) bitcoin price goes up and maintenance fees in BTC becomes lower, or

(2) if mining earnings go up again.

(2) is the likely scenario we are hoping for, but it's not a good sign that we've hit 0% in daily ROI right now as we're bound to hit 0% daily ROI sometime in the future, and hitting 0% now means it will only be a matter of time before we hit 0% again.

For this reason, we don't see a bright future with cloud mining Multi Hashlets.

It's been 4 days of zero payouts.

Our TOTAL earnings with Multi Hashlets still at 0.06856452 BTC, which is 13.47% of our purchase price of 0.5090425532 BTC.

Multi Hashlet ROI

It's disappointing that we have reached 0% in daily ROI so soon, only after 25 days of cloud mining Multi Hashlets, and only after 13.47% of our investment was recouped.

As this is the current situation with Multi Hashlets, if you are considering to buy Hashlets from GAW Miners, we would strongly advise against purchasing Multi Hashlets for now.


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