Monthly Cloud Mining Results

November 2014 Cloud Mining Earnings : 8.3433 BTC!


November 2014 Cloud Mining Earnings

November 2014 Cloud Mining Earnings : 8.3433 BTC

Our November 2014 cloud mining earnings from various cloud mining services totaled up to 8.3433 BTC.

At the current BTC/USD exchange rate of 1BTC=$375.93, we earned $3,136.50 in November 2014 from our cloud mining contracts.

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November 2014 earnings of 8.3433 BTC falls in between September earnings of  7.608116 BTC and October earnings of 9.955603698 BTC.

September 2014 Cloud Mining Earnings : 7.608116 BTC

October 2014 Cloud Mining Earnings : 9.955603698 BTC

Our November 2014 cloud mining earnings dropped slightly from October earnings of around 9.95560 BTC.

This was largely due to the fact that there were only 4 payouts for our largest earnings contributor in November, as opposed to 5 in October.


(1) Litecoin GEAR ( : 635.49046 LTC or 6.03715937 BTC (72.36%)

Using the BTC/LTC exchange rate of 0.0095 at the time of this writing, November 2014 cloud mining earnings from converted to BTC was 6.03715937 BTC.

Hash Rate : 1,080 MH/s ('10,800 ASIC Shares' in's terms)

November 7th Litecoin GEAR payout - 156.56606 LTC

November 14th Litecoin GEAR payout - 152.83724 LTC

November 21st Litecoin GEAR payout - 172.67803 LTC

November 28th Litecoin GEAR payout - 153.40913 LTC


(2) GAW Miners (Hashlet Prime) : 1.79955 BTC (21.57%)

We added an extra 49 MH/s of Hashlet Primes in November after learning about GAW's plans for Paycoin and Hashbase and The HashStaker.

Payouts for Primes are calculated with 1 PC (Paycoin) = $20, which is the official Paycoin ICO exchange rate that has been announced by GAW Miners.  If Paycoin ICO fails to reach 1 PC = $20, then our payout calculations in BTC will suffer.

Hash Rate : 50 MH/s

November 2014 Hashlet Prime Payout - 1.79955 BTC


(3) Genesis Mining : 0.40413121 BTC (6.69%)

Our Genesis Mining payouts dropped heavily from last month's earnings of 0.75743816 BTC to 0.40413121 BTC (drop of nearly 50%!), but it still continues to come in everyday.

Genesis Mining recently sold out their Altcoin Mining Contracts and are currently out of inventory.

Hash Rate : 100 MH/s

Genesis Mining Payouts November 2014 : 0.40413121 BTC 


(4) GAW Miners (Zen Hashlet, Hash Pool) : 0.05928 BTC (0.71%)

Although we only own 1 MH/s of Zen Hashlets, Zen Hashlets mining Hash Pool are providing the best returns right now, even better than

However, mining at Hash Pool is scheduled to end at the end of this week.  In retrospect, we should have caught this opportunity earlier and bought more (a lot more) Zen Hashlets.

Hash Rate : 1 MH/s

November 2014 Zen Hashlet (Hash Pool) Payout - 0.05928 BTC


(5) PB Mining : 0.0431804 BTC (0.72%)

We hit 100% ROI with PB Mining in November 2014!  It took 7 months to reach 100% ROI, but it's great the we have recouped all of our initial 0.5 BTC investment for 100 GH/s at PB Mining.

Hash Rate : 100 GH/s (SHA256 Cloud Mining)

November 2nd PB Mining payout - 0.00958585 BTC

November 8th PB Mining payout - 0.00920010 BTC

November 15th PB Mining payout - 0.00876687 BTC

November 22nd PB Mining payout - 0.00811363 BTC

November 29th PB Mining payout - 0.00751395 BTC


Accumulated Cloud Mining Income is Now 25.90702 BTC

Our accumulated cloud mining income since September is now at 25.90702 BTC.

At 1BTC=$375.93, we've earned $9,739.23 from our cloud mining contracts in the last 3 months.


We've Spent 17.07595 BTC on Cloud Mining; ROI at 151.72%

To purchase our cloud mining contracts, we've had to spend about 17.07595 BTC between May and November 2014.

These mining contracts have led to the total cloud mining income of 25.90702 BTC between September and November 2014.

That's an ROI of about 151.72% so far, with ROI bound to improve further as existing cloud mining contracts continue to generate payouts.

Although cloud mining is generally a high-risk industry to be investing in, with carefully selected products and service providers, we believe great ROI is possible.

Here's a breakdown of our spending by service provider:

(1) Litecoin GEAR ( 1,080 MH/s :733.91574 LTC or 6.97220 BTC

(2) GAW Miners (Hashlet Prime) 50 MH/s : 6.37902 BTC

(3) Genesis Mining 100 MH/s : 3.1801595384 BTC

(4) PB Mining 100 GH/s : 0.5 BTC

(5) GAW Miners (Zen Hashlet, Hash Pool) 1 MH/s :  0.04457 BTC

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