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November 2014 Hashlet Prime Payout : 1.79955 BTC!TOTAL Hashlet Prime ROI 28.29%!


Our November 2014 Hashlet Prime Payouts : 13,601 HP (HashPoints) or 34.0025 PC (Paycoins)

November 2014 Hashlet Prime Payout

In the month of November 2014, we earned 13,601 HP (HashPoints).

At 400 HP=1 PC (Paycoin), our earnings would be 34.0025 PC (Paycoins).  At the ICO price of 1PC=$20, our monthly payouts from Hashlet Primes would be $680.05 in total.

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In BTC, at the current rate of 1BTC=$377.90, this would be 1.79955 BTC.


Why We Bought 49 MH/s Additional Hashlet Primes in November 2014

November 2014 Hashlet Prime Payout

We only had 1 MH/s of Hashlet Primes in October, but decided to purchase an extra 49 MH/s in November 2014.  Now our total Hashlet Prime hash power is 50 MH/s.

We bought 30 MH/s on November 8th, and the remaining 19 MH/s on November 29th.

We decided to give Primes a go after seeing GAW Miners' CEO Josh Garza's November 4th Q&A video.  The Q&A convinced us that GAW was led by a young, talented CEO and we thought he and GAW would deliver in the end.

The second batch was purchased just a couple of days ago, after seeing The HashStaker launch and reading GAW's CEO's bullish comments that Hashlet Primes will be 10 times more valuable.

November 2014 Hashlet Prime Payout

After seeing The HashStaker and Hashbase and overall direction of Paycoins, we felt that Josh Garza wasn't just pitching but he has a good potential of delivering on his bullish statements.


6.2386023 BTC Used to Acquire 49 MH/s of Hashlet Primes

November 2014 Hashlet Prime Payout

At 1BTC=$377.90, we spent a total of 6.2386023 BTC to acquire 49 MH/s of Hashlet Primes.

The first batch was cheaper as it was being sold for around $40/Unit at the time.

The second batch was purchased at around $50/Unit.


November 2014 Hashlet Prime Earnings : 1.79955 BTC

Our November 2014 Hashlet Primes earnings, measured in BTC, were about 1.79955 BTC.  

Based on our purchase price of 6.2386023 BTC for 49 MH/s and our original purchase cost of 0.14042 BTC for 1 MH/s of Hashlet Primes, our total purchase cost was 6.37902 BTC.

Adding approximately 0.00538 BTC that our original 1 MH/s Hashlet Prime earned in October, our total payouts for 50 MH/s of Hashlet Primes are at 1.80493 BTC.

Our TOTAL ROI, based on our total purchase cost, is 28.29%.

Our Hashlet Prime ROI would have been much higher, probably close at around 50%, had we not purchased our second batch of Primes that have not had enough time to mine Hash Pool and only added to cost.

We knew time to mine Hash Pool was limited, but we saw potential in Primes as Stakers for Paycoin that would eventually lead to higher prices for Hashlet Primes once Paycoin takes off.


Hashlet Primes Expected to Hit 100% ROI in Early 2015

November 2014 Hashlet Prime Payout

What will happen to Hashlet Prime ROI after December 8th, 2014 after the ICO takes place?

Until December 8th 2014, we have 7 days of mining approximately 779 HP a day.  That's a total of 5,453 HP or 13.6325 PC newly mined in addition to the 34.0025 PC we already have at hand right now.

Total number of Paycoins would become 47.635 PC, or $952.70 by Dec. 8th.  At 1BTC=$377.90, that would be 2.521037 BTC, and our TOTAL ROI would be at around 39.52% by Dec. 8th, 2014.

After December 8th, we're not exactly sure how Hashlet Primes are going to perform, but it has been mentioned by GAW's CEO that Primes would be able to stake around 400% a year, or the same as what a HashStake is able to earn in a year.

November 2014 Hashlet Prime Payout

According to HashStaker for Dummies, HashStakers are able to earn 50-100% in 6 months.

November 2014 Hashlet Prime Payout

If the profit potential for Primes is the same as for The HashStaker, we should reach 100% ROI with our Hashlet Primes sometime in early 2015.

Of course, if Paycoin's exchange rate rises from 1 PC=$20 to higher, then ROI will be much faster.

November 2014 Hashlet Prime Payout


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