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Paycoin $20 Floor to be Honored From February 1st - March 2nd 2015 through Paybase!

paycoinhonorprogramGAW Miners Offers to Repurchase Paycoins for $20 per Paycoin

GAW Miners had been heavily criticized for claiming a $20 price floor for Paycoin, but failing to deliver, with Paycoin price plunging to $5.16 and then to $3.10.

There was heavy criticism from users and popular sites like decided to officially remove Paycoin from their listing due to 'deceptive' practices by Josh Garza and GAW Miners.  However, things may be about to change.

Today, GAW released the launch of Paycoin Honor Program, in which GAW Miners will use Paybase to buy Paycoins from Paycoin holders for $20.00 per Paycoin.

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Details of the Paycoin Honor Program are explained on the official Paybase blog.


paybase2Enrollment to Paycoin Honor Program will begin on February 1st and end on March 2nd, 2015.  There will be user account verification, and the $20 payment will be paid in Bitcoins (not USD).

From this announcement, it looks like Josh Garza and GAW Miners is now willing to live up to their original promise of a '$20 floor'.   It's a positive surprise to see the company 'open up' after an initial period of denial when they claimed that the $20 floor was never a guarantee.

We hope they will deliver this time around and take Paycoin to the next level.

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