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Paycoin Price Arbitrage : Buying at $10 on and Selling at $20 in Less than 1 Week After Paybase Launch!


Paycoin Price Arbitrage

PayCoin Selling for $20.00 Each at

PayCoin's official site, is now online.

You can buy 1 Paycoin at $20.00 using a credit card or BTC.

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Paycoin Price Arbitrage


Paycoin Market Cap Stands at 111.57 Million USD

Although current market cap for Paycoin stands at 111.57 million USD, this is based on the price of 1 XPY=$9.213.

Paycoin Price Arbitrage Trading Price is Still Around $10 per Paycoin!

If you're interested in buying Paycoins, it's 50% cheaper now to buy at than to buy direct from GAW.

At, Paycoins (XPY) are being sold at 0.028999 BTC at the time of this writing.  At 1BTC=$340.55, that would be $9.88 per Paycoin.

Paycoin Price Arbitrage

If GAW's plan works out as planned, Paycoin prices should stabilize once Paybase is launched next week as GAW will buy Paycoins via Paybase.

The current price drop was warned by GAW's CEO 3 days ago in a posting:

Paycoin Price Arbitrage


Small Arbitrage Opportunity : Buy at $10 at and Sell at $20 in 1 Week After Paybase Launch

Paycoin Price Arbitrage

For those who are willing to believe GAW CEO's words with regards to Paycoin price stability, this is an emerging small arbitrage opportunity where you could buy at for $10 today and sell for $20 in less than 1 week once Paybase launches and GAW starts buying.

So far, GAW has done an amazing job pulling for the launch of Paycoin, HashStaker, HashStaker Primes, and soon, Paybase.

It's fair to say GAW's CEO has been delivering on his promises so far, and there is no reason why his words regarding the value of XPY after Paybase launch won't come true.

If you believe in Paycoin's price stabilizing at above $20, the current price gap between and, which may not last long, could be an arbitrage opportunity where you could make 100% ROI in less than a week from trading!


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