Cloud Mining Earnings

PB Mining Profitability – Week 10


PB Mining Profitability

Cloud Mining Service – PB Mining

Number of Days Since Initial Purchase – 10 weeks

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Currency Mined – Bitcoin

Contract Hash Rate – 100 GH/s

Contract Length – 5 Years

Payout Frequency – Weekly (every Sunday 24:00 GMT -6)

Amount Purchased – approx. 0.5 BTC (payment made in BTC)

Time Purchased – May, 2014

ROI (BTC) at the end of Week 10 – 58%

PB Mining Profitability & Review – PB Mining has been operating without hassle for more than 2 months now.  Every Sunday, payouts have been paid on time with no delays.

One time, when bitcoin exchange BTC-e had announced that all bitcoin addresses at BTC-e will be given a new address, we requested a change in payout address to PBMining and it was handled promptly (in a few hours).

So far, while we still don't know who is behind the operations, and have no knowledge of their mining operation details, we are happy with their service thus far.  By the end of week 10, our initial investment of 0.5 BTC has yielded 58% returns.  

Whether we will reach 100% ROI from here onwards will depend on upcoming bitcoin difficulty.  If difficulty increment increases at 20%, we will not see 100% ROI, but but if the increment increase is only 10%, then we will see 100% ROI in 4 months or so.

We find it exciting that the potential for 100% ROI via cloud mining is still open with PBMining. 

While we are happy with PBMining, we advise anyone interested in their service to consider the opaqueness of their operations as a serious risk (there is no transparency, no auditing, only bitcoin payments, no traditional wire transfers or paypal payments), and to only invest an amount you could cope with if all funds are lost.  

That being said, price is an important factor in choosing a cloud mining company and PBMining has lowered their price from 0.0036 BTC/GHs to 0.0029 BTC/GHs, which makes them one of the cheapest bitcoin cloud mining companies around.

PB Mining Profitability

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