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PB Mining Review - Week 4


PBMining Review

Cloud Mining Service – PBMining

Number of Days Since Initial Purchase – 4 weeks

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Currency Mined – Bitcoin

Contract Hash Rate – 100 GH/s

Contract Length - 5 Years

Payout Frequency - Weekly (every Sunday 24:00 GMT -6)

Amount Purchased – approx. 0.5 BTC (payment made in BTC)

Time Purchased – May, 2014

ROI (BTC) at the end of Week 4 – 24%

Comments – PBMining has been offering a competitive price, which is why we decided to give them a try.  So far, by week 4 of our purchase, our initial approx. 0.5 BTC investment for 100 GH/s (price for GH/s has been going down, and is currently at 0.0036 BTC/GHs as of June 29th, 2014) has returned 0.122BTC, or approx. 24% ROI.

pb mining review

So, far there has been no trouble at all, and weekly payouts have been coming in without delay.

However, we still find PBMining to be a 'high-risk investment' since there are no mentions of company address (they may not be a company!) nor payment options in USD (this is unusual even amongst cloud mining services), nor information on mining operations.

We believe that all these issues will improve as the cloud-mining industry matures, and companies with great pricing plus great transparency emerge over time.


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