Cloud Mining Earnings

PB Mining Reviews - Oct. 12th Weekly Payout 2.00% - TOTAL ROI 88.63% After 21 Weeks!


PB Mining Reviews

This week's PB Mining cloud mining payout was 0.00998236 BTC.  We have 0.5 BTC invested with our 100GH/s mining contract with PB Mining, so our weekly return was 2.00%.

Our TOTAL payouts from PB Mining has accumulated to 0.44317335 BTC, which is a TOTAL ROI of 88.63% after 21 weeks of mining with PB Mining.

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PB Mining Reviews

PB Mining's price is now at 0.0017 BTC/GH/s.

At today's Bitcoin price of 1BTC=$353, this is $0.60/GH/s or $6.00 for 10 GH/s of mining power, which is substantially cheaper than GAW Miners' Hashlet Genesis' price of $8.95 for 10GH/s for Lifetime mining, ZeusHash's price of $8.89 for 10GH/s, or Genesis Mining's $9.99 for 10GH/s of Lifetime mining.

PB Mining Reviews

PB Mining's price is now almost as good as CloudHashing's Hash Sale priced at $5.9/GH/s for 100GH/s of cloud mining, which will begin mining on Dec. 1st, 2014.


Our previous mining results with PB Mining are as follows:

-Week  4 – 24% ROI Achieved

-Week 10 – 58% ROI Achieved

-Week 15 – 75% ROI Achieved

-Week 16 – 77% ROI Achieved

-Week 17 – 79.98% ROI Achieved

-Week 18 – 82.34% ROI Achieved

-Week 19 - 84.60% ROI Achieved



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