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PBMining Profit - 77% ROI After 16 Weeks!


PBMining Profit

Cloud Mining Service – PB Mining

Number of Days Since Initial Purchase – 16 weeks

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Currency Mined – Bitcoin

Contract Hash Rate – 100 GH/s

Contract Length – 5 Years

Payout Frequency – Weekly (every Sunday 24:00 GMT -6)

Amount Purchased – approx. 0.5 BTC (payment made in BTC)

Time Purchased – May, 2014

ROI (BTC) at the end of Week 16 – 77%

PBMining Profit Details - September 7th 2014 payout from PBMining came in fine as usual.  However, as bitcoin difficulty has been steadily rising, this week's payout was approximately 10.61% less than last week's payout.

Although we only have approximately 23% to go to hit 100% ROI, with difficulty levels rising once again, it looks like this last step is going to take time.

When we purchased 100 GH/s, PBMining was selling 1 GH/s for 0.005 BTC/GH/s.

Until last week, their price was 0.0029 BTC/GH/s.

This week, PBMining's price is down to 0.0027 BTC/GH/s.  At the current bitcoin price of 1BTC=482.15USD, that's 1.30USD/GH/s.

PBMining Profit

1.30USD/GH/s is a great price compared to Genesis Mining, for example, since they charge 2.50USD/GH/s for their 2,499USD, 1TH/s order, almost DOUBLE the price of PBMining!

We think Genesis Mining is a great channel to cloud mine niche coins (like POT or RDD) that are not mineable with any other cloud mining service, but Genesis Mining's bitcoin mining operations are definitely not cheap!

PBMining Profit

However, we have heard good things about Gawminers' new cloud mining service - Hashlet Genesis - which starts from 10GH/s at 9.95USD, which is 1GH/s at 0.995USD.  That's 23.5% OFF from PBMining's current price of 1.30USD/GH/s.

PBMining Profit

So, we plan to give Hashlet Genesis a try in the near future and see how it goes.  We will update details here.

Although PBMining has always maintained one of the best prices in the nascent bitcoin cloud mining industry, their operations have been opaque, and we're happy to see companies like Gawminers who have a strong track record with hardware manufacturing enter this space.

As more and more companies enter the cloud mining space, prices should come down, and we should be able to benefit from better prices and greater service.

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