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PBMining Reviews - Sept. 28th, 2014, Weekly Payout 2.26% of Investment - TOTAL 84.60% ROI in 19 Weeks!


PBMining ReviewsPBMining Reviews: We received our weekly payout from PBMining on Sept. 28th, 2014.  This week's payout was 0.01127992 BTC.  Since we have 0.5 BTC invested with PBMining, our weekly ROI was 2.26%.

PBMining Reviews

Our total payout from PBMining in the 19 weeks we have been using their service is at 0.42297920 BTC.  This translates to a TOTAL ROI of 84.60%.

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Other than earnings, we noticed that PBMining's price has been lowered to 0.0022BTC.

Last week, they were selling 1 GH/s for 0.0025BTC, and the week before, it was 0.0026BTC, so PBMining has been steadily lowering their prices, most likely in order to compete with competition.

In our view, this is a healthy cycle - competition driving better service levels - and we hope to see more competition not just in price, but in service.

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