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Vertcoin Algorighm Change Won't Affect Vertcoin Cloud Mining Profitability at LTCGear!


Vertcoin Algorighm Change

Future of Vertcoin Cloud Mining at

LTCGear made an announcement on December 4th, 2014 on the future of Vertcoin cloud mining at LTCGear.

According to LTCGear, despite the move to a new algorithm for Vertcoin from Scrypt-N to Lyra2, ASICs will still be able to hash coins on the new algorithm.

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LTCGear states that 'Dual MODs profitability level will be kept at the same level', hinting at the possibility of a 'custom multiplication' after VTC hard forks.

Although we don't know exactly how LTCGear is going to keep Vertcoin's profitability level at the same level, the announcement reassures us that Vertcoin cloud mining is going nowhere and is here to stay at LTCGear.


How To Cloud Mine Vertcoin (VTC) at LTCGear

To mine Vertcoin at LTCGear, first you would need to purchase some ASIC Shares at LTCGear.

Currently, the only ASIC Share product that is available from LTCGear is 'ASIC Share 3K0' which is 300 MH/s of hashing power for $899.  That's about $3.00/MH/s and is the cheapest price per MH/s we know of in scrypt cloud mining.

Vertcoin Algorighm Change

On top of ASIC Shares, you would need 'Dual Mod M10' (or any other Dual Mod series) which is an add-on X11/Scrypt-N modifier that allows Vertcoin or Darkcoin cloud mining.

Currently, Dual Mod M10 allows for 630 ASIC Shares of Vertcoin or Darkcoin cloud mining.  Unfortunately, as of this writing, it is out of stock.  However, 'Dual Mod M10's are restocked every now and then, so we suggest you check the inventory regularly if you're interested.

Vertcoin Algorighm Change


Approximately 8 Payouts to 100% ROI for 630 LTCGear ASIC Shares with 1 Dual Mod M10 (as of last week)

As of last payout, 630 ASIC Shares with 1 Dual Mod M10 would have yielded approximately 3,600 VTC.  At last week's VTC/BTC exchange rate of 0.00013, this is about 0.46794 BTC or about $173.35 in payouts with 1BTC=$370.45.

The cost of 630 ASIC Shares is about $189 and the cost of Dual Mod M10 is $1,200.  The total cost is $1,389, meaning with a payout of $173.35, it would only take 8 payouts to reach 100% ROI.

Although ROI time frame is around the same (7-8 payouts) with 'ASIC Share 3K0'Vertcoin cloud mining can be more stable than Litecoin cloud mining as Vertcoin difficulty levels don't rise as rapidly with Litecoin.

It's also a one way to diversify your cloud mining portfolio.

We're considering adding Dual Mod M10s to our portfolio early next year to try Vertcoin cloud mining once we have more funds (since we've just spent a lot on GAW's Hashet Primes).


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