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Waffle Hashlet Payout - Also 0% Daily ROI on Oct. 23rd! Not a Good Sign!

Waffle Hashlet Payout

Our Waffle Hashlet contract with GAW Miners had a day with 0% ROI on Oct. 23rd, 2014.  Daily payout on Oct. 23rd was 0.00021912 BTC and maintenance fee was also 0.00021912 BTC, leaving 0% daily ROI.

This 0% daily ROI result follows Multi Hashlets' 0% daily ROI for Oct. 23rd.

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We're a bit puzzled that 0% daily ROI is happening for both Multi Hashlet and Waffle Hashlet on the same day.  Is it just a coincidence?


Our TOTAL earnings for our 1MH/s of Waffle Hashlet up to this point has been 0.00432174 BTC.

Waffle Hashlet Payout

We had purchased the contract on Sept. 15th, 2014 for 0.0381914893617 BTC when Wafflets were selling for $17.95/MH/s (now they sell for $16.95/MH/s retail), so our TOTAL ROI is 11.32%.

It is quite shocking to see 0% daily ROI after only 25 days of cloud mining with Waffle Hashlets.

Although daily payouts are most likely bounce back soon (we hope), it is concerning that we arrived this point so quickly.  Since shrinking payouts are almost a given in cloud mining due to constant rise in difficulty, we can understand that payouts dry up eventually.  We just didn't see it coming so soon.

At this point, we have recouped only 11.32% our investment.

With 0% daily ROI happening with Multi Hashlets and Waffle Hashlets, seeing 100% ROI appears difficult for these 2 Hashlet contracts.  We would NOT recommend Waffle or Multi Hashlets at this point after seeing 0% daily payouts.


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