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Waffle Hashlet Review - Sept. 29th - Oct. 6th - TOTAL ROI of 4.53% After 8 Days at GAW Miners!

Waffle Hashlet Review

Waffle Hashlet Review

Waffle Hashlet Review : We purchased 1MH/s of Waffle Hashlets as a trial order on Sept. 15th at $17.95/MH/s.

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Our purchase amount translates to 0.0381914893617 BTC/MH/s using the exchange rates at the time of purchase, which was approximately 1BTC=$470.

Waffle Hashlets were left unactivated for a number of days until the end of September 2014 when we found the time to get them going.

Our total earnings from Waffle Hashlets between Sept. 29th through Oct. 6th, or 8 days of cloud mining was 0.00172911 BTC.  This is a TOTAL ROI of 4.53%.

Waffle Hashlet Review

Waffle Hashlets' earnings, when compared to earnings of Multi Hashlets and Zen Hashlets, are actually the smallest.

Here is the ROI from the 3 Hashlet Solos during 8 days of mining between Sept. 29th through Oct. 6th:

Zen Hashlet (after 8 days of cloud mining) : ROI 8.13%

Multi Hashlet : ROI 5.66%

Waffle Hashlet : ROI 4.53%

During this period, Waffle Hashlet's ROI of 4.53% came in last.

Although Waffle Hashlet is priced at $17.95/MH/s and has the second highest price among the Hashlet Solos after Zen Hashlet($20.95MH/s), it's performance wasn NOT the second best!  Make sure to be selective when choosing your Hashlet Solos!

While past performance does not automatically equal future performance, it's something to keep in mind when choosing cloud mining products.

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