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Zen Hashlet 1 Review : 157.91% TOTAL ROI in 63 Days (Hash Pool + Zen Pool)!


Zen Hashlet 1 ReviewZen Hashlet 1 Review (Hash Pool) :

Hash Pool Payout TOTAL 447 HP or 0.05928 BTC in 25 Days

Zen Hashlet 1 Review

Our 1 MH/s Zen Hashlet contract at GAW has yielded 447 HP (HashPoints) in 25 days of mining Hash Pool since Oct. 31st 2014.

At 400 HP=1 PC (Paycoin), we would be entitled to 1.1175 PC.

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At 1 PC=$20, which is the planned ICO price for Paycoin in December, our 447 HP will convert to $22.35.

At the BTC price of 1 BTC=$377, that's about 0.05928 BTC mined in 25 days of mining Hash Pool.

The purchase price for our Zen Hashlets back in late September was 0.04457 BTC, so through mining of Hash Pool alone since it was introduced in late October, we have reached 133% in ROI (BTC).

Our Zen Hashlet price was $20.95/MH/s, but if you purchased Zen Hashlets at $14.95/MH/s, which is still the price today, at 1 BTC=$377, purchase cost would be pushed down to about 0.03966 BTC, which would result in 149% in ROI (BTC).

However, ROI listed here depends on a successful ICO of Paycoin at the planned 1PC=$20 or higher.

GAW Miners seems to be ready to prevent the market price of Paycoin from free falling by having massive fiat reserves to back up the market price of Paycoin, but since this is a first attempt in history for a private US company to launch a cryptocrurrency of this magnitude, no one really knows what is really going to happen.


Zen Hashlet 1 Review (Zen Pool) :

Zen Pool Payout TOTAL 0.01109736 BTC in 38 Days

Aside from Hash Pool payouts, our Zen Pool payouts we had prior to mining Hash Pool has yielded a total of 0.01109736 BTC in 38 days.  Zen Pool payouts were very high until mid-October, but have since then halved.

At 0.01109736 BTC, based on our purchase price of 0.04457 BTC, we have a TOTAL ROI of 24.90% with Zen Pool in 38 days. 


Zen Hashlet 1 Review (Hash Pool + Zen Pool):

Zen Hashlet TOTAL Payout 0.07038 BTC in 63 Days of Zen and Hash Pools

Adding our Hash Pool results with Zen Pool results, we get about 0.07038 BTC, which is a TOTAL ROI of 157.91% with Zen Hashlets in 63 days.

Of course, a large chunk of our ROI is still 'on paper' and depends on whether Paycoin can really ICO at 1PC=$20 or higher.


Zen Hashlet is the 1st Hashlet to Reach 100% ROI (for us)

Zen Hashlet is the first Hashlet that has reached 100% ROI for us (though on paper).

We know users who had bought Hashlets earlier in August had reached 100% ROI a long time ago, but for us, this is the first Gaw Miners Hashlet to have reached 100% ROI.

Hashlet Primes mining Hash Pool should follow, but Primes will take longer to hit 100% ROI in payouts since their retail price is higher (although with Primes, their asset value is likely to go up many fold from here).


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