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Zen Hashlet Payout - 240 HP or 0.6 HashCoin After 14 Days of Cloud Mining!Potential TOTAL ROI 80.27%!

Zen Hashlet Payout

Our Zen Hashlet Payout since October 31st, 2014 for 1MH/s : 240 HP (Hash Points)

Zen Hashlet Payout

We started mining Hash Points on October 31st, 2014.  The reason why we started mining Hash Points is because we figured ROI would be higher mining Hash Points than mining Bitcoins.  Details are covered below.

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It's been 14 days of cloud mining Hash Points and we now have 240 HPs (Hash Points) in our account.

Zen Hashlet Payout


400 Hash Points = 1 Hash Coin, 1 Hash Coin=$20!

Zen Hashlet Payout

GAW Miners recently announced the launch of HashCoins, a new cryptocurrency targeting mass adoption.  Hash Points are attractive now because there is an opportunity to convert Hash Points to Hashcoins at the exchange rate of 400 HP = 1 HashCoin.

Zen Hashlet Payout

With 240 HPs, at the exchange rate of 400HP=1 HashCoin, our holdings would be worth 0.6 HashCoins.

If the public launch of HashCoins goes as planned, 1 Hashcoin=$20 when it becomes available to the public:

Zen Hashlet Payout

Whether it will sell and whether the price will stay above $20 after the ICO is unknown, but given GAW Miners' track record of successfully selling mining gear as well as cloud mining contracts, it's fair to say they are very good at selling.  

Considering that HashCoin seems to be positioned as the 'Next Big Thing' at GAW, the likelihood of HashCoins doing well, especially in the initial launch, is quite high in our opinion.


Potential TOTAL ROI 80.27% in 14 Days with HashPoint Pool for Zen Hashlets!

If the ICO goes as planned, and 1 HashCoin is traded at $20, then our holdings of 0.6 HashCoins (and we will have mined more by then) would be worth $12.

Zen Hashlet Payout

Considering that Zen Hashlets currently retailing for $14.95/MH/s.  Our TOTAL ROI as of today with 0.6 HashCoins could very well be at a total ROI of 80.27% after 14 days!

It depends on how well the ICO is executed and to what extent GAW Miners is able to deliver on its grand plan for HashCoins.


Mining Bitcoins at ZenPool Would Have Yielded a TOTAL ROI of 2.52% in 14 Days

Zen Hashlet Payout

Had we stuck to mining Bitcoins at ZenPool instead of Hash Points at HashPoint Pool, then our TOTAL ROI would have been significantly smaller.

As of October 30th, 2014, the last day before we switched to HashPoint Pool, we were netting 0.00008052 BTC in one day of cloud mining.  We purchased Zen Hashlets at $20.95/MH/s or 0.04457446808511 BTC at the time, so our daily ROI was about 0.18%.

At this rate, 14 days of cloud mining would have only yielded 2.52% in TOTAL ROI.

Given these figures, it made sense for us to go with GAW's plans for HashCoins for the potential ROI of 80.72% instead.

Today, prices of Zen Hashlets are cheaper at $14.95/MH/s than when we bought them.  At 1BTC=$392.97 as of this writing, the purchase price for 1 MH/s of Zen Hashlets would be about 0.03804 BTC.

Daily ROI on October 30th, 2014 with the latest Zen Hashlet prices would still only yield 0.21% in daily ROI, and TOTAL ROI would have been only 2.94% after 14 days of cloud mining.


Will GAW Miners Deliver?

So, will GAW Miners be able to deliver on their grand plan for HashCoins?

Past performance doesn't guarantee future results, but it could help to foresee what is likely to happen.

In that sense, unfortunately, our Hashlet ROIs with GAW Miners have not been very good :(.

However, we know we were late into the game, having purchased Hashlets in late September and early October.  At the same time, we know that early adopters who had purchased Hashlets earlier have done extremely well in terms of ROI.  So, it's a 50-50 situation.


For us, the deciding factor was GAW Miners CEO Josh Garza's Q&A Video on Nov. 4th, 2014.

The CEO is young, has had early success with an earlier business (which is a good sign), appears transparent and innovative, and most importantly, very customer centric.

Ultimately, GAW's success will come down to the CEO's vision and values, so it's good to see that the CEO is centering his decisions around his customers.

When a company in any field really listens to their customers well and makes a strong culture based on putting customers first, there is a good chance that the business will grow and take off.

GAW seems to be doing that very well, and that's probably why they have a strong group of followers.

In any case, we were 'sold' on HashCoins and we hope HashCoins will take off as planned!

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