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Zen Hashlet Payouts : TOTAL ROI 16.35% After 16 Days of Cloud Mining on 1MH/s $20.95/MH/s Zen Hashlet Plan!


Zen Hashlet Payouts

Zen Hashlet Payouts


16 days of cloud mining has passed since we purchased 1MH/s of Zen Hashlets.

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We purchased Zen Hashlets at $20.95/MH/s, or 0.04457446808511 BTC at the time.

16 days of cloud mining yielded 0.00728975 BtC, which translates to 16.35% of our investment.

Zen Hashlet Payouts


Zen Hashlet was the #1 performining Hashlet Solo among Clever, Waffle, Multi Hashlets based on mining results between Sept. 29th to Oct. 6th, 2014, and looking at the 'Scrypt Average Payouts' today, it seems little has changed.

Zen Hashlet Payouts

Zen Hashlet still remains the best performining Hashlet as of today.



If we were to purchase further scrypt mining contracts with GAW Miners, we would go with Zen Hashlet or Hashlet Prime for the highest ROI.

Choosing between the Hashlets is simple if the deciding factor is going to be ROI because Zen Hashlet is clearly the winner, providing the best performance for money invested.

Hashlet Primes, on the other hand, are attractive because of their capacity to remain 'State-of-the-Art' over time through 'Upgrades'.  While we don't know details of the upgrades that are to be provided, based on GAW Miners reputation as a company that cares for customer satisfaction, we assume they are going to over-deliver, in which case Hashlet Primes could yield results even after Zen Hashlets dry up in payouts and end up delivering better lifetime earnings.

Choosing between Zen Hashlet or Hashlet Prime is a difficult question because it depends on the interpretation of how much GAW will deliver with the Hashlet Primes, which can only be a 'guess' at this point in time.

Perhaps, at this point in time, if we were to purchase additional scrypt mining contracts at GAW, it would be wise for us to hold on to BOTH Zen Hashlets and Hashlet Primes until further details are available for Hashlet Primes.

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