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Zen Hashlet Upgrade Option to 3 Months HashStakers Now Available on Zen Cloud!

Zen Hashlet Upgrade

Zen Hashlet Upgrade Option is Available on Zen Cloud!

For Zen Hashlet owners at GAW Miners, the option to upgrade Zen Hashlets to HashStakers is available on Zen Cloud for 48 hours.  If you were planning on upgrading to HashStakers, we recommend you do it ASAP.

While Zen Hashlet is the most profitable Hashlet, we are switching to HashStakers because reaching 100% ROI nor recent payouts with Zen Hashlets (ZenPool) looks impossible.

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On November 29th 2014, before switching to HashPoint Pool, we were only mining 0.000011176 BTC or $0.004 per day with ZenPool.

Based on our purchase price of about 0.04457446808511 BTC, our daily ROI was around 0.025%, making any substantial progress in ROI let alone 100% ROI almost impossible.

On the other hand, according to member 'Daffy', with HashStakers (3 months), there is a profit potential of 35-80% at the original retail price of $9.95 (now HashStakers (3 months) cost $11.95).

Zen Hashlet Upgrade

We're looking at $3.48 - $7.96 in estimated profit with HashStakers after 3 months, which is better than what we could be earning after 3 months at 0.000011176 BTC or $0.004 per day.

The latter option will end up with $0.36 or less, so going for $3.48-$7.96 with HashStakers (3 months) is 10 times more attractive.


Just Select 'Reserve My Wallet' to Upgrade

To upgrade, login to you Zen Cloud and go to your 'Miners' page.  Click on the wheel icon on the lower left and select 'Reserve My Wallet'.

Zen Hashlet Upgrade

You will get the following screen confirming your request to convert your Zen Hashlets to HashStaker.

Make sure to go over 'Terms of Service' link and then check on the box and then click 'Reserve'.

Zen Hashlet Upgrade


Upgrade is for 3 months HashStakers, NOT 6 months HashStakers

Originally, Zen Hashlets were scheduled to upgrade to 6 months HashStakers, but the upgrade is for 3 months HashStakers.

GAW must be running short of HashStaker slots.

While 6 months HashStakers are more profitable than 3 months HashStakers, considering the fact that Zen Hashlets ROI would have passed well over 100% if mining was directed at HasPoint Pool, we're more than happy to take the 3 months HashStaker option (since it's much more profitable than sticking with ZenPool).

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