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ZenCloud Down! We Cannot Login to ZenCloud!

ZenCloud Down

We cannot login to ZenCloud.  ZenCloud is down.

Throughout the day, ZenCloud was having technical issues and we had received several e-mails notifying the status updates with the last e-mail confirming service full restoration (e-mail below), which does not seem to be in place right now.

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ZenCloud Down

This situation is quite concerning considering that we just experienced a day of '0% daily ROI' in payouts for Multi Hashlets and Waffle Hashlets.  We did not anticipate '0% daily ROI' to be coming so soon, so suddenly, and still don't know why returns suddenly vanished.

With the current login issues coming on top of the existing payouts issues for Multi and Waffle Hashlets, some customers may lose confidence in GAW and decide to leave if the service comes back.

For us, the latest series of events has been rather shocking, and while we plan to continue with our Hashlets, our level of confidence in GAW's services has been affected negatively.

However, problems could always be turned into opportunities with proper handling of the situation.

It would be interesting to see how GAW's CEO decides to handle this situation.


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