Cloud Mining Earnings

Zeus Cloud Mining - Oct. 27th 0.63% - TOTAL ROI 12.80% After 19 Days!


Zeus Cloud Mining

TOTAL cloud mining earnings at ZeusHash for our trial run of 1 MH/s was 0.54724554 LTC on Oct. 27th, 2014.

We had purchased the current contract for 4.27540107 LTC, so our TOTAL ROI is 12.80% after 19 days of cloud mining.

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Our daily earnings on Oct. 27th was 0.02676344 LTC, which is a daily ROI of 0.63%.  This is in line with ZeusHash's past daily ROI trends that has been in between 0.63% - 0.65% for the past 10 days or so.


Yesterday, along with the launch of the ZeusHash Halloween Specials, which seems to be going well so far, ZeusHash made an announcement regarding their strategic partnership with ASICMiner and XBTec.

ASICMiner and XBTec will both provide Bitcoin hashing power to ZeusHash.  Both ASICMiner and XBTec were founded in 2012 and are pioneers in the Bitcoin industry.

Interestingly, both companies are from China/Hong Kong, illustrating that the strength of the Chinese/Hong Kong businesses in the Bitcoin mining domain.

ASICMiner just launched AMHash1, which is a Bitcoin cloud mining service with competitive pricing.  We haven't managed to cover this service in our Bitcoin cloud mining services review as it was launched on October 24th and is still undergoing an IPO with Havelock Investments until November 4th, but the low maintenance fees that they're marketing looks appealing and we plan to cover their service in the near future.

It looks like ASICMiner will be provide cloud mining services to ZeusHash, while XBTec will be providing mining gear.


Don't forget to check ZeusHash's Halloween Specials

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