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ZeusHash to Achieve Over 5,000 Signups for Cloud Mining within 100 hrs of Oct. 3rd 2014 Launch!


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ZeusHash's official launch apparently turned out to be a big one.

According to ZeusHash's newsletter, the Oct. 3rd launch for Zeus' cloud mining service ZeusHash attracted received more than 5,000 signups in 100 hours post launch!

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Within only 24 HOURS after the public release, over 1,000 fans signed up with ZeusHash, the best cloud mining service in the world and started mining Bitcoins and Litcoins right away!

Thanks to an extended beta stress-testing phase, our system could handle the immense avalanche of new users and we managed to connect everyone successfully to ZeusHash and got everyone mining within a short time.

Just 100 hours later after the launch, we passed the 5,000 mark and the number of new users is still growing constantly.

Assuming that all 5,000 were mining and an average order was $500, ZeusHash's launch would have been a $2.5 million launch in 100 hours (this is just a conjecture of course, and not based on actual numbers, which we don't have access to)!

In the cloud mining industry, GAW Miners' launch of their cloud mining service was reported to be $1 million in 24 hours.

We don't know how ZeusHash's launch performance compares to GAW Miners' since we don't know the actual average order volume or the number of orders with GAW, but we can see interest in the cloud mining space is high, and both companies are now in the spotlight.

It's noteworthy that both ZeusHash and GAW Miners only just launched their cloud mining services later this year in 2014.

The whole cloud mining industry is still nascent with the first tier of pioneer companies like Peernova ( having risen just last year in 2013.

With new companies entering cloud mining like ZeusHash, we're seeing greater levels of transparency than the previous generation of cloud mining companies, and we see a greater effort to meeting and going beyond the endusers' expectations, which is always a good sign in any business.

Although the cloud mining industry is still young, it looks like it is building a good base to continue expanding rapidly along with the ongoing adoption of cryptocurrencies.

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