Cloud Mining Earnings

ZeusHash Cloud Node Payouts - Oct. 24th 0.63% - TOTAL ROI 10.90% After 16 Days!


ZeusHash Cloud Node Payouts

Accumulate mining results for our ZeusHash's trial contract of 1MH/s was 0.46620113 LTC as of Oct. 24th, 2014.  We purchased the current contract for 4.27540107 LTC, so our TOTAL ROI is at 10.90%.

Our daily yield for Oct. 24th was 0.02710178 LTC.  This is a daily ROI of 0.63%.

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0.63% falls in line with our payout range of 0.63% - 0.65% over the last few days at ZeusHash.


On Oct. 24th, ZeusHash made changes to their internal 'Balance Record' that allows tracking of mining results.

Before, maintenance fees were deducted from mining results that appear on the screen, but now, maintenance fees appear on screen as 'Maintenance Fee'.

Another change was regarding the number of updates to the mining results page.  Before, 'Balance Record' page was updated every 30 minutes or so, but now, updates are only once a day.

While frequent, almost real-time tracking of mining status was a great feature (we were impressed with this feature), it was difficult to grasp total mining results at first sight.  It would have been great if they could let users choose between once-a-day updates and frequent, 30-minute updates, but once-a-day is all right.

ZeusHash Cloud Node Payouts

Here's our previous earnings from ZeusHash:

TOTAL ROI 10.27% After 15 Days (+0.65%)

TOTAL ROI 9.62% After 14 Days (+0.64%)

TOTAL ROI 8.98% After 13 Days (+0.63%) 

TOTAL ROI 8.35% After 12 Days (+0.65%)

TOTAL ROI 7.70% After 11 Days (+0.65%)

TOTAL ROI 7.05% After 10 Days (+0.64%)

TOTAL ROI 6.41% After 9 Days (+0.64%)

TOTAL ROI 5.77% After 8 Days (+0.73%)

TOTAL ROI 5.04% After 7 Days (+1.16%)

TOTAL ROI 3.88% After 6 Days (+0.64%)

TOTAL ROI 3.24% After 5 Days (+0.68%)

TOTAL ROI 2.56% After 4 Days

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