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ZeusHash Halloween Special (Oct. 27th - Nov. 2nd):$0.459/GH/s for Bitcoin Cloud Mining, $12.99/MH/s for Litecoin Cloud Mining!GREAT Prices!


ZeusHash Halloween Special

ZeusHash just made an announcement to existing users that they will be hosting ZeusHash Halloween Specials from October 27th through to November 2nd, 2014.

During this Sale, cloud mining prices will be discounted from

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-$0.859/GH/s for Bitcoin Cloud Mining → $0.459/GH/s (for orders over 100TH/s)!!


-$14.99/GH/s for Litecoin Cloud Mining → $12.99/GH/s (for orders over 1GH/s)!!


These prices are GREAT and puts ZeusHash's prices among the BEST in the industry.

In Bitcoin cloud mining, the only company offering better prices is Hashnest, which operates mining farms in China, and offers 0.001125 BTC/GH/s.  At the current price of 1BTC=$354.58, that's $0.40/GH/s.

In Litecoin cloud mining, the only company offering better prices is Litecoin GEAR, which has been offering $5.76/GH/s with their 'ASIC Share 1K6X - Anniversary' product.


During this sale period, ZeusHash will also be implementing '0% Maintenance Fees'.


ZeusHash Halloween Specials is a GREAT DEAL, especially the Bitcoin Cloud Mining price of $0.459/GH/s, which is 47% OFF the existing price!

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