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ZeusHash Lowers Maintenance Fees from $0.0058/MHS to $0.0057/MHS!TOTAL ROI 18.55% After 48 Days!

ZeusHash Lowers Maintenance Fees

ZeusHash Announces Lowering Maintenance Fees from $0.0058/MHS to $0.0057/MHS

ZeusHash made an announcement today to further lower maintenance fees from $0.0058/MHS to $0.0057/MHS to compensate for rising levels of Litecoin difficulty.

ZeusHash had lowered maintenance fees last week from $0.0059/MHS to $0.0058/MHS, so today's announcement was the 2nd round in maintenance fee cuts.

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Daily ROI at ZeusHash at 0.08% on Nov. 24th, 0.10% on Nov. 25th

ZeusHash Lowers Maintenance Fees

Our daily payouts from ZeusHash has been as follows lately:

November 24th 2014 : 0.00362241 LTC in NET payouts

November 25th 2014 : 0.00414254 LTC in NET payouts

Based on our purchase price of 4.27540107 LTC for 1MH/s, our daily ROI at ZeusHash has been

November 24th 2014 : 0.00362241 LTC  (0.08% daily ROI)

November 25th 2014 : 0.00414254 LTC in NET payouts (0.10% daily ROI)

We're not sure if November 25th payout was calculated with the new maintenance fee, but daily ROI was slightly higher on November 25th.

Although the low maintenance fee is a positive move by ZeusHash, daily ROI of 0.10% is still way too small for miners to reach 100% ROI (in LTC).


Our TOTAL ROI at ZeusHash is 18.55% After 48 Days

ZeusHash Lowers Maintenance Fees

Our current total payouts at ZeusHash is 0.79320744 LTC, which means our TOTAL ROI is at 18.55% after 48 days of cloud mining at ZeusHash.

We still have 81.45% to go before hitting 100% ROI, but at the current pace of 0.10% in daily ROI, this will take 815 days even if difficulty stays stable, so reaching 100% ROI in LTC does not seem realistic at this point.


Reaching 100% ROI in USD Still Possible at ZeusHash if LTC Goes Up

However, reaching 100% ROI in USD is still a possibility at ZeusHash if Litecoin price goes up.

For example, even at the current level of 18.55% in ROI, if Litecoin price jumps to $40, then then our initial $15.99 investment would easily pay off.

Buying & Holding On To LTC May Be a Better Option

But, we like to think ROI in LTC because if we're betting on 100% ROI in USD from the price appreciation of LTC, then buying Litecoins at an exchange would make more sense.

We paid 4.27540107 LTC ($15.99) for our trial contract at ZeusHash, but if we were just betting on the price appreciation of LTC, then we would be better off just keeping 4.27540107 LTC in our wallets, than to cloud mine and end up with 0.79320744 LTC.

Both will effectively reach 100% ROI if the price of Litecoin goes to $40/LTC, but it would have been wiser to have gone with the first option of just buying and holding on to LTC.


We'd Like to See Lower Maintenance Fees (or lower retail prices) from ZeusHash

We would like to see cloud mining at ZeusHash outperform just buying & holding on to Litecoins.  For this to happen, ZeusHash needs to

1.  Further lower maintenance fees  OR

2.  Further lower retail prices

Either of these moves would increase consumer ROI.

Hopefully, we will see 1. and/or 2. being implemented, and 100% ROI (LTC) at ZeusHash would become a possibility (as it was before maintenance fees were hiked up).


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